Island Plan 2022 to 2025

Bridging Island Plan

About the Bridging Island Plan 

The Island Plan is of utmost strategic significance to Jersey: it sets out how key community aspirations and needs are to be met and shapes how future development will contribute positively to the sustainable wellbeing of the Island. 

Further to the adoption of P.168/2020 in February 2021, the States Assembly agreed to the implementation of a bridging island plan that will exist between two longer-term plans (the current Island Plan 2011 to 2021; and a future Island Plan 2025 to 2034). 

The new bridging Island Plan will set the means to facilitate the island’s positive future growth over a period of significant uncertainty and provide a new framework against which planning decisions will be made. The plan will be key to ensuring the delivery of sustainable development that will meet the needs of the community, balancing the future economic, environmental and social needs of the island. 

Whilst the bridging Island Plan will be in force for a shorter period of time than the usual 10-year Island Plan, it will nevertheless be equally as comprehensive in scope and applied in the same way, to further the purpose of the Planning and Building (Jersey) Law 2002.

Bridging Island Plan

The review process

Because of its significance, the process by which a draft Island Plan is consulted upon; independently examined; amended and debated, before being approved by the States, is set out in primary and secondary legislation.

Planning and Building (Jersey) Law 2002

Planning and Building (Island Plan) (Jersey) Order 2009

Covid-19 (Island Plan) (Jersey) Regulations 2021

The draft bridging Island Plan includes detailed draft polices, plans and proposals, which will be subject to extensive consultation before being considered by independent planning inspectors at an Examination in Public. During the initial 12-week consultation period, States Members can lodge amendments to the plan, which will also be considered by the inspectors. This 12-week period commences upon lodging of the Bridging Island Plan proposition. 

The inspectors will submit a report to the Minister for the Environment which, when published, will re-open the opportunity for States Members to propose their final amendments to the plan, before the Minister then lodges final proposed amendments ahead of a debate in the States to seek approval of the Plan.

The Island Plan Review timeline on

The 12-week consultation is now closed. 

You can read the draft bridging Island Plan and the evidence that supports it and view submissions on

Further guidance for States Members is available is also available: Guidance for States Members in relation to the Bridging Island Plan

States Members’ amendments

As they are lodged, links will be provided to States Members’ Bridging Island Plan Amendments. 

*Where amendments have been withdrawn they are shown as scored through

​States member
​Amendment no.
​Subject of amendment
​Deputy M.R. Le Hegarat of St. Helier
​Removal of St. Helier fields
​Deputy K.C. Lewis of St. Saviour
2​​Removal of St. Saviour Fields
Amendment No. 2
​Deputy I. Gardiner of St. Helier
3​Play Area Proximity​Amendment No. 3
​Connétable of St. Peter
Use of Field P558 in St. Peter​Amendment No. 4
​Deputy L. M. C Doublet of St. Saviour
5​​Children's Play Space
Amendment No. 5
​Deputy I. Gardiner of St. Helier
6​Education Estate Priority​Amendment No. 6
​Deputy I. Gardiner of St. Helier
​Restriction of parish links priority
Amendment No. 7
​Deputy R. J. Ward of St. Helier
8​​Gas Site - Tunnell Street
Amendment No. 8
​Deputy R. J. Ward of St. Helier
9​Springfield Development​Amendment No. 9
​Deputy R. J. Ward of St. Helier
10​​Youth facilities in St. Helier
Amendment No. 10
​Connétable of St. Ouen
11​Field 630​Amendment No. 11
​Connétable of St. Helier
12​Removal of Field H1219 in St. Helier​Amendment No. 12
​​Connétable of St. Helier
Trees and water features​Amendment No. 13
​Deputy R. Huelin of St. Peter
​Double Glazing
​Amendment No. 14
Deputy G. J. Truscott of St. Brelade​
​Corbiere Walk
Amendment No. 15
​Deputy S. Luce of St. Martin
16​​Field MN410 
Amendment No. 16
​​Deputy S. Luce of St. Martin
​Field MN489 - Over-55s homes
Amendment No. 17
​Senator Pallett
18​Field L127​Amendment No. 18
Senator Pallett​
19​St. Brelade's Bay improvement plan time frame​​Amendment No. 19
Senator Ferguson
19 Amd​
​Amendment to St. Brelade's Bay improvement plan time frame​
Amendment to Amendment No. 19
​Senator Moore
20​La Gigoulande Quarry​Amendment No. 20
Deputy I. Gardiner of St. Helier
​Disability Inclusion - Active Travel
Amendment No. 21
​Deputy I. Gardiner of St. Helier
​Disability Inclusion - Homes for Independent Living
Amendment No. 22
​Deputy I. Gardiner of St. Helier
​Disability Inclusion 
Amendment No. 23
​Deputy I. Gardiner of St. Helier
​Disability Inclusion - Listed buildings
Amendment No. 24
​Senator Mézec
Future Affordable Housing provision​Amendment No. 25
​Minister for the Environment
25 Amd​​Amendment to Future Affordable Housing Provision
Amendment to Amendment No. 25
​Senator Moore
26​Subdividing buildings​Amendment No. 26
​Deputy K. F. Morel of St. Lawrence
27​Waterworks valley​Amendment No. 27
​Deputy K. F. Morel of St. Lawrence
​Traditional Farm Buildings
Amendment No. 28
​Connétable of St. Saviour
29​First time buyers​Amendment No. 29
​Deputy R. Renouf of St. Ouen
30​Coastal National Park​Amendment No. 30
​Connétable of St. Helier
​St. Helier Country Park
Amendment No. 31
​Connétable of St. Helier
Les Quennevais Development​Amendment No. 32
​Connétable of St. John
​Field J371 - Community use
Amendment No. 33
​Connétable of St. John
​Field J229 - Over-55s rental
Amendment No. 34
​Connétable of St. John
​Field J236 - Over-55s purchase
Amendment No. 35
​Connétable of St. John
​Field J939 - Affordable homes
Amendment No. 36
​Deputy K. F. Morel of St. Lawrence
Amendment No. 37
​Deputy K. F. Morel of St. Lawrence
​Amendment No. 38
​​Deputy K. F. Morel of St. Lawrence
​Conservation areas
Amendment No. 39
​Senator Moore
Field 559 - Affordable Housing​Amendment No. 40
​Senator Mézec
States' owned land​Amendment No. 41
Minister for the Environment
41 Amd​Amendment to States' owned land​Amendment to Amendment No. 41
​​Connétable of St. Helier
​Transport and Parking
Amendment No. 42
​Deputy M. Tadier of St. Brelade
43​​Les Quennevais
Amendment No. 43
Minister for the Environment
​43 Amd
Amendment to Les Quennevais​Amendment to Amendment No. 43
Connétable of St. Brelade
​Policy H4
Amendment No. 44
Minister for the Environment
​44 Amd
Amendment to Policy H4​Amendment to Amendment No. 44
Connétable of St. Brelade
​Night time economy
​Amendment No. 45
Connétable of St. Brelade
Amendment No. 46
​Deputy K. F. Morel of St. Lawrence
​Warwick Farm
Amendment No. 47
Senator Ferguson​
48​Tall Buildings​Amendment No. 48
​Connétable of St. Mary
49​Field MY563 - Affordable housing​Amendment No. 49
​Connétable of St. Mary
50​Field MY493 - Affordable housing​Amendment No. 50
​Senator Farnham
51​Marine Park​Amendment No. 51
Senator Farnham
51 Amd​Amendment to Marine Park​Amendment to Amendment No. 51
​Connétable of Grouville
​Coastal National Park Exclusion
​Amendment No. 52
​Connétable of St. Brelade
​St. Brelade's Coastline
Amendment No. 53
​​Connétable of St. Brelade
​St. Brelade's Bay
Amendment No. 54
​Connétable of St. Brelade
​St. Brelade's Bay Parking
​Amendment No. 55
​Connétable of St. Brelade
​St. Brelade's Bay Workers' Accommodation
Amendment No. 56
Connétable of St. Brelade
​Tourist economy and public amenities
​Amendment No. 57
​Connétable of St. Brelade
57 Amd​​Amendment to Tourist economy and public amenities
Amendment to Amendment No. 57
​Connétable of St. Brelade
58​St. Brelade's Bay Development​
Amendment No. 58
Connétable of St. Brelade
​St. Brelade's Bay Community Participation
Amendment No. 59
Connétable of St. Brelade
​Performance measures
​Amendment No. 60
Connétable of St. Brelade
60 Amd​Amendment to Performance measures​Amendment to Amendment No. 60
​Senator Moore
Glasshouses​Amendment No. 61
​Deputy of Grouville
Withdrawal of field G392A, Grouville - affordable housing​Amendment No. 62
​Senator Moore
63​Amendment to Policy SP1 - renewable construction materials​Amendment No. 63
​Senator Pallett
Amendment to Policy CI2 - inclusion of field MN688​Amendment No. 64
​Senator Gorst
65​Amendment to Policy GD7 - tall buildings​Amendment No. 65
​Deputy Wickenden
66​Use of fields G403C, G403D and part of G432A, Grouville - affordable housing​Amendment No. 66
​Deputy Wickenden
67​Use of fields G508, G508A, G526, G526A and G521A, Grouville - affordable housing​Amendment No. 67
​Senator Pallett
68​Use of field T1404, Trinity - affordable housing​​Amendment No. 68
​Connétable of St. Peter
69​Use of fields P655 and P656, St. Peter - affordable housing​Amendment No. 69
​Connétable of Grouville
​Use of field G234 and adjacent land, Grouville - affordable housing
Amendment No. 70
​Deputy Luce
71​Use of field G355, Grouville - affordable housing​​Amendment No. 71
​Deputy Luce
Use of field G358A, Grouville - affordable housing​Amendment No. 72
​Deputy Luce
73​Use of field MN727, St. Martin - policy CI5​Amendment No. 73
​Deputy Labey
74​​Replacement of Policy HE1
Amendment No. 74
​Senator Moore
75​Residential delivery and management strategy - expedited construction​Amendment No. 75
​Deputy Macon
76​Visitor parking​Amendment No. 76
​Minister for Infrastructure
77​Use of fields B23 and B27 in St. Brelade for vehicle inspection centre​Amendment No. 77
​Deputy Ahier
78​Rezone field H1219A for accessible homes​Amendment No. 78
​Deputy Gardiner
​Amendment to Policy CI3 - Our Hospital
Amendment No. 79
​Deputy of St. Peter
80​Use of Villa de L'Aube and field P818, St. Peter - affordable housing​Amendment No. 80
​Environment, Housing and Infrastructure panel
Changes to passivhaus policy​​Amendment No. 81
​Deputy Labey
82​Policy GD5 ​Amendment No. 82
​Deputy Morel
83​Quarrying and air quality - amendment to policy MW1​Amendment No. 83
​Senator Moore
84​Policy CI3 - Our Hospital​Amendment No. 84
​Connétable of St. Brelade
85​Policy EV1 - visitor accommodation St. Brelade's bay​​Amendment No. 85
Senator Ferguson
85 Amd
​Amendment to Policy EV1 - visitor accommodation St. Brelade's bay​
Amendment to Amendment No. 85
​Connétable of St. Brelade
85 Amd (2)​​Amendment to Policy EV1 - visitor accommodation St. Brelade's bay​
2nd Amendment to Amendment No. 85
​Connétable of St. Brelade
86​St. Brelade's bay improvement plan​Amendment No. 86
​Minister for the Environment
​Green backdrop zone and shoreline zone - consolidated
Amendment No. 87
Connétable of St. Brelade
87 Amd​​Amendment to Green backdrop zone and shoreline zone - consolidated
Amendment to Amendment No. 87
​Minister for the Environment
​Marine spatial plan
Amendment No. 88
Senator Farnham
​88 Amd
​Amendment to Marine Spatial Plan
Amendment to Amendment No. 88
​Minister for the Environment
​Historic environment policies - consolidated
Amendment No. 89
Deputy Huelin
89 Amd​​Amendment to Historic environment policies - consolidated
Amendment to Amendment No. 89
Minister for the Environment
89 Amd (2)​Second amendment to Historic environment policies - consolidated​2nd Amendment to Amendment No. 89
​Minister for the Environment
​Overall housing supply
Amendment No. 90
​Minister for the Environment
​Affordable housing provision - consolidated
Amendment No. 91
Deputy Le Hegarat
91 Amd​​Amendment to Affordable housing provision - consolidated
Amendment to Amendment No. 91
​Deputy Le Hegarat
91 Amd (2)​Second amendment to A​ffordable housing provision - consolidated
2nd Amendment to Amendment No. 91
​Connétable of St. Saviour
​91 Amd (3)
Third Amendment to A​ffordable housing provision - consolidated
3rd Amendment to Amendment No. 91
​Connétable of St. John
91 Amd (4)​Fourth amendment to Affordable housing provision - consolidated​4th Amendment to Amendment No. 91
Connétable of St. John
​91 Amd (5)
Fifth amendment to Affordable housing provision - consolidated​5th Amendment to Amendment No. 91
​Minister for the Environment
​Policy H8: Housing outside the built-up area
Amendment No. 92
​Minister for the Environment
20% reduction in target energy rate​​Amendment No. 93
​​Minister for the Environment
​Policy CI1 - Education facilities - consolidated
​Amendment No. 94
​​Minister for the Environment
​Policy CI5 - Sports, Leisure and Cultural facilities - consolidated
Amendment No. 95
​​Minister for the Environment
​Travel and transport policies - consolidated
​Amendment No. 96
​​Minister for the Environment
​Safeguarded minerals site: Simon Sand and Gravel
Amendment No. 97
​Minister for the Environment
Tabor Park​Amendment No. 98
​Minister for the Environment
99​​Minor proposed map changes
Amendment No. 99
​​Minister for the Environment
​Sustainable Communities Fund
Amendment No. 100
​​Minister for the Environment
​WER4 Land Reclamation
Amendment No. 101
​​Minister for the Environment
​Protecting landscape and seascape character
Amendment No. 102

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