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Clothier review

​​​​​What the review covered

The Clothier Panel was appointed by the States to consider whether the machinery of government in Jersey was appropriate to the task of determining, co-ordinating, effecting and monitoring all States’ policies and the delivery of all public services; and to make recommendations to the Policy and Resources Committee on how the machinery of government could be improved.

Areas they considered included:
  • the composition, operation and effectiveness of the States’ Assembly
  • the composition, operation and effectiveness of the Committees of the States
  • the role and respective responsibilities of the States, the Committees and Departments in achieving an efficient and effective strategic and business planning and resource allocation process
  • the role of the Bailiff
  • the transparency, accountability and democratic responsiveness of the States’ Assembly and Committees of the States
  • whether the machinery of government was s​ubject to checks and balances sufficient to safeguard the public good and the rights of individuals​
but excluded:
  • the constitutional relationship between the Bailiwick and the United Kingdom
  • the constitutional relationship between the Bailiwick and the European Union

Members of the panel

The members of the panel were:
  • Sir Cecil Clothier, K.C.B., Q.C., Chairman
  • Sir Kenneth Bloomfield, K.C.B. 
  • Professor Michael Clarke, C.B.E., D.L. 
  • Mr. John Henwood, M.B.E. 
  • Dr. John Kelleher 
  • Mr. David Le Quesne 
  • Mrs. Anne Perchard ​
  • Mr. Colin Powell, C.B.E 
  • Sir Maurice Shock 
Following publication of the panel’s report in December 2000, a number of changes to J​ersey’s machinery of government were proposed, which resu​lted in the current Ministerial system of government which is in operation today.