Future Hospital Review Panel

​The Future Hospital Review Panel is undertaking a review of the next steps towards the build of a new hospital, as set out in a report  published by the Chief Minister in May 2019 - R54/2019 'New Hospital Project: Next Steps' . The Report set out a phased approach and contained the following aims:

  • 'firstly, establishes the agreed clinical requirements of the new Hospital

  • secondly, uses the outcome of this to scope the size and shape of a new Hospital to inform the shortlisting of potential locations

  • thirdly, involves a thorough process of Island and stakeholder communication and engagement on those locations, alongside technical and financial assessments of deliverability, in order to identify a preferred site for the Government and States Assembly to consider and approve'

In September 2019, the Deputy Chief Minister and Chair of the 'Our Hospital' Political Oversight Group, Senator Farnham presented an update Report to the Assembly, which set out the progress that had been made to the 'Our Hospital Project' over the previous 4 months.

The timeline associated with the Chief Minister's report had two distinct phases spread over 20 months. The Panel  agreed that this review would focus on 'Phase 1', which would examine the aims outlined by the Chief Minister for the following 9 months. According to R54/2019, this included:

'assembling the new team, putting in place the key governance arrangements, establishing effective engagement with politicians, hospital staff, stakeholders and Islanders and agreeing the shortlist of credible sites for detailed assessment, in order to prepare an Outline Business Case by early 2020'

The Panel's Terms of Reference for phase 1 of its review are to:

1. Examine the rationale underpinning the 'Next Steps' as set out in the Chief Minister's Report

2. Assess the reliability of the timeline established by the report, monitoring progress accordingly and providing appropriate challenge where delay is identified

3. Consider the financial implications of the revised approach and ensure there is accountability for appropriate and effective Government spending associated with the report.

The Panel held a Public Hearing with the Chief Minister in June and has met with the Political Oversight Group on regular occasions in order to monitor the progress being made in respect of the 'Our Hospital' Project.

The Future Hospital Review Panel is not currently scheduled to meet.

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