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States members, meetings and proceedings

The list of States meetings for each year normally contains around 20 meetings, with 2 continuation days each - this gives a total of 60 days a year when the States can meet. However, not all of the scheduled continuation days are always needed.

Schedule of States meetings

Details about the usual schedule of States meetings as well as information about how and why extra meetings may be arranged

States proceedings

Find out about States proceedings and how they deal with aspects including petitions and voting

Questions without notice to ministers

Learn about questions without notice to ministers, how and when they're asked and who can answer them

Presenting reports and making statements

A guide for States members on how to present a report or make a statement to the States

Presenting a petition to the States

Find out how a petition can be presented to the States: what you need to do, who to contact for help and how to submit it

Propositions and how to lodge one

A guide for States members on how to lodge a proposition and what the process involves

States Assembly rules

Learn about the legislation that covers States proceedings

How new laws and regulations are made

Information about how laws are made and debated, and what happens if a draft law is adopted

Members of the States

Find out information on the different members of the States including Bailiffs, Deputies and Senators

Election of Chief Minister

Information about the election of Senator Ian Gorst as Chief Minister on 14th November 2011