Official 2018 Election results

Find out the official result of the 2018 Jersey Election.

​The 2018 Jersey Election took place on Wednesday 16 May, 2018. Out of the 49 seats available, 31 members were returned and 18 were new. 13 were women which is equal to 27% of the States Assembly.

Elected members of Jersey's States Assembly 2018-2022


Tracey Vallois

Kristina Moore

John Le Fondré

Lyndon Farnham

Steve Pallett

Ian Gorst

Sarah Ferguson

Sam Mézec


Grouville – John Le Maistre

St. Brelade – Michael Jackson

St. Clement – Len Norman

St. Helier – Simon Crowcroft

St. John – Christopher Taylor

St. Lawrence – Deidre Mezbourian

St. Martin – Karen Stone

St. Mary – John Le Bailly

St. Ouen – Richard Buchanan

St. Peter – Richard Vibert

St. Saviour – Sadie Rennard

Trinity – Philip Le Sueur


Grouville - Carolyn Labey

St. Brelade No. 1 – John Young

St. Brelade No. 2 – Montfort Tadier, Graham Truscott

St. Clement – Lindsay Ash, Susie Pinel

St. Helier No. 1 – Russell Labey, Judy Martin, Scott Wickenden

St. Helier No. 2 – Carina Alves, Geoff Southern, Robert Ward

St. Helier No. 3 and 4 – Steve Ahier, Mike Higgins, Mary Le Hegarat, Richard Rondel

St. John – Trevor Pointon

St. Lawrence – Gregory Guida, Kirsten Morel

St. Martin – Steve Luce

St. Mary – David Johnson

St. Ouen – Richard Renouf

St. Peter – Rowland Huelin

St. Saviour No. 1 – Jeremy Maçon, Kevin Pamplin

St. Saviour No. 2 – Louise Doublet, Kevin Lewis

St. Saviour No. 3 - Jess Perchard

Trinity – Hugh Raymond

For a detailed breakdown of the results, visit the website here.

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