About the States Greffe

The States Greffe, led by the Greffier of the States, provides support to the States Assembly. The French word 'Greffier' translates to 'clerk'.

The States Greffe provides support to the States Assembly. It is led by the Greffier of the States who acts as clerk to the Assembly.

The French word ‘Greffier’ means ‘clerk’ and is used in countries such as France and Canada to describe the clerk of a parliament or court. The Greffier of the States is appointed by the Bailiff with the agreement of the States.

The duties of the Greffier and the States Greffe are set out in the States of Jersey Law and in the Standing Orders of the States of Jersey.

The Greffier provides advice and support to States Members and departments relating to the business and procedures of the States. Members often seek advice on how to take forward a matter for debate and the Greffier will help the member to find the correct wording for the proposition which will best achieve these aims. Advice is also given when Members seek to ask oral or written questions in the Assembly or make statements.

The States Greffe prepares and publishes all of the necessary documents for each States meeting and keeps records of all of the decisions made. In the Chamber itself the Greffier acts as clerk to the Assembly during a States meeting, advising the Bailiff on procedural matters as required. The Greffier calls the roll at the beginning of each meeting, reads out the propositions at the start of each debate and is responsible for the electronic voting system. The outcome of each vote is uploaded onto the States Assembly website within a few minutes of the result being announced. The Greffier and Deputy Greffier can occasionally preside in the Assembly when required by the Bailiff if both the Bailiff and Deputy Bailiff are unavailable.

The Greffier has a legal responsibility to act as keeper of the official records of the States and publisher of official publications. The Greffier acts on behalf of the States in some legal matters and votes on behalf of the States shareholding in publicly-owned companies on occasions. The Greffier also attends the Royal Court to pass property contracts on behalf of the public.

The Greffier oversees the Complaints Panel system under the Administrative Decisions (Review) (Jersey) Law 1982 and also acts as the Secretary of the Jersey Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, arranging and attending meetings of the Jersey Branch as required and accompanying delegations of members attending annual conferences of the association.

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