States Greffe Business Plan 2018

The States of Jersey Greffe has published its annual business plan. Read the plan and how it affects members of the Public, States Members and States of Jersey staff here.

For the first time, the States of Jersey Greffe has published its annual business plan. The 2018 plan is intended to provide greater clarity for the public, States Members and States of Jersey staff about the role of the Greffe and its objectives in supporting Jersey’s democracy.

Read the business plan here

What is the Greffe?

The Greffe supports the work of Jersey’s parliament – the States Assembly – including its States Members, scrutiny panels and committees.  This involves providing advice and support to States Members and the Bailiff relating to the business and procedures of the States Assembly, as well as preparing and publishing documents for the fortnightly meetings of States Members in the States Chamber and keeping records of all the decisions made. Importantly, it also informs and educates the public about elections.

The States Greffe is led by the Greffier of the States, Mark Egan, who acts as clerk to the States Assembly and is appointed by the Bailiff with the agreement of the States Assembly.  The Greffier has a legal responsibility to act as keeper of the official records of the States Assembly and publisher of official publications.

Top five highlights from the business plan

The States of Jersey Greffe will:

  • Promote participation in the 2018 election via by encouraging people, including minority communities, to register to vote (which can now be done online) and cast their ballot
  • Help prospective candidates understand what is involved in running for election and in becoming a States Member
  • Introduce an e-petitioning facility so that the public can use email to petition the States Assembly
  • Publish an online guide about how the States Assembly works and to help demystify the States Assembly’s procedures and explain parliamentary jargon
  • Redesign the States Assembly and Scrutiny website to aid communications with the public so that it is better integrated, more customer-friendly and capable of publishing news stories and webcastings about the Assembly, committees and scrutiny panels

Greffier of the States, Mark Egan, says, “The recently announced ‘One Government’ plan aims to create an effective, efficient and responsible public sector which has outstanding public services at its core. The States Greffe shares this goal because by enhancing the work of the States Assembly we strengthen Jersey’s democracy.  As part of this, we aim to provide greater transparency about who we are, what we do and our objectives.”

A business plan for the year ahead will be published each January from now on and an annual report on the previous year’s activities will be published each Spring.

Download the business plan here: States Greffe Business Plan 2018

Find out more about the Greffe and the States Assembly here: About the States Greffe

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