Jersey community websites

This page is designed to help you find the websites of public bodies, community organisations and advisory services in Jersey.

Bailiff's Chambers on States of Jersey website

The Bailiff’s Chambers supports the Bailiff in his duties as head of the judiciary, President of the States and civic head of Jersey.

Comptroller and Auditor General website

The Comptroller and Auditor General examines how public bodies spend money, ensuring that public finances are managed to the highest standards.

Office of the Information Commissioner website

The Office of the Information Commissioner is an independent statutory authority responsible for ensuring compliance with the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2005 and the Freedom of Information (Jersey) Law 2011.

Jersey Advisory and Conciliation Service website

The Jersey Advisory and Conciliation Service (JACS) provides free employment relations advice to employers, employees and trade unions.

Jersey Childcare Trust website

The Jersey Childcare Trust (JCCT) provides information and services for childcare providers, families and other professionals.

Jersey Citizens Advice Bureau website

The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) provides free, independent and confidential advice to members of the public on their rights and responsibilities.

Jersey Community Relations Trust website

The Jersey Community Relations Trust aims to eliminate discrimination by promoting good relations between all members of society and seeking to achieve equality of treatment and opportunity within the community.

Jersey Competition and Regulatory Authority website

The Jersey Competition and Regulatory Authority regulates the telecommunications and postal sectors and is also responsible for administering and enforcing the Competition Law (Jersey) 2005.

Jersey Consumer Council website

The Jersey Consumer Council seeks to investigate, highlight and publicise anomalies and irregularities in consumer affairs and to encourage good trading practices by local businesses.

Jersey Courts website

Online access to the courts and judiciary of Jersey, headed by the Bailiff.

Jersey Employment Tribunal website

The Jersey Employment Tribunal is a judicial body which resolves disputes between employers and employees over employment rights.

Jersey Finance Limited website

Jersey Finance is a non profit-making organisation which promotes and develops Jersey’s reputation as an international finance centre.

Jersey Financial Services Commission website

The Jersey Financial Services Commission is responsible for the regulation, supervision and development of the financial services industry in Jersey.

Jersey Heritage website

Jersey Heritage is responsible for protecting and promoting the Island’s rich heritage and cultural environment.

Jersey Legal Information Board website

The Jersey Legal Information Board provides access to legal information and services by maintaining a database of all laws and judgments for the island of Jersey.

Jersey Library services on States of Jersey website

Jersey Library offers a comprehensive free library service to the public, including children's and mobile library services.

Jersey parishes website

Information and online access to the 12 parishes of Jersey.

Judicial Greffe on States of Jersey website

The Judicial Greffe provides administrative and secretarial support to ensure the effective operation of Jersey’s courts.

Law Officers' Department on States of Jersey website

The Law Officers' Department provides legal advice to the Crown and the States and is responsible for the provision of the criminal prosecution service.

Probation and After-Care Service on States of Jersey website

The Probation and After-Care Service helps to reduce criminal activity in Jersey by supporting the victims of crime while monitoring and working with offenders to reduce re-offending.

Société Jersiaise website

La Société Jersiaise promotes and encourages the study of the history, archaeology, natural history, language and many other subjects of interest in the island of Jersey.

States of Jersey website

The official website of the Government of Jersey, with information, public services, news and events all in one place.

States of Jersey Police website

The States of Jersey Police are responsible for ensuring the safety of both our resident community and visitors to the Island.

Vingtaine de la Ville website

Information on the history of Vingtaine de la Ville in the Parish of St Helier.

Viscount's Department on States of Jersey website

The Viscount’s Department is responsible for ensuring the decisions of Jersey’s Courts and States Assembly are carried out. This involves general court enforcement duties such as executing orders, serving summonses and other legal documents on members of the public and making wage arrests.

Visit Jersey website

Visit Jersey works with partners in the tourism industry to promote Jersey as a world class holiday destination.

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