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Law Revision Board

The Law Revision Board is established under the Law Revision (Jersey) Law 2003 to oversee the preparation and publication of revised editions of Jersey legislation. The laws of Jersey were first revised in 2005 after a 2½ year project. 

The Revised Edition is a statement of the law in force at a particular date and enables users to find the current version of each piece of legislation taking account of the various amendments and repeals that might have changed the original version.  The Revised Edition is an invaluable tool for professionals such as lawyers, but also for members of the public who need to consult Jersey legislation. In order to keep the Revised Edition up to date the Law Revision Board oversees the production of annual updates which are prepared by the Law Draftsman’s office. 

The Law Revision Board is made up of 2 members of the States (appointed by the States) together with the Attorney General, the Greffier of the States and the Law Draftsman.  

Law Revision Board members

Deputy Montfort Tadier of St Brelade
The Deputy of St. Mary
Mr Robert MacRae QC (Attorney General)
Mr Mark Egan (Greffier of the States)
Miss Pam Staley (Law Draftsman)