Adviser appointed for medicinal cannabis review

24th May 2021

​The Economic and International Affairs Scrutiny Panel has appointed Grant Thornton, Malta as the expert adviser for its review of the regulations for the licensing, production and export of medicinal cannabis in Jersey.

The Panel held a tender process and agreed on Grant Thornton, Malta as it has the expertise to meet the Panel's terms of reference. Malta is viewed as the gold standard with regards to medicinal cannabis licence regulation. The Panel believes the organisation can deliver a balanced report and make fair jurisdictional comparisons due to its understanding of the global market including international reputation.

Grant Thornton, Malta will also liaise with colleagues in the Jersey office to undertake the domestic issues of the review such as tax implications and the effect medicinal cannabis production may have on the Island.

Wayne Pisani, Senior Partner at Grant Thornton Malta, said, "Our global scale, combined with local market understanding, enables us to work closely with our clients to understand the specific issues that they face, combining technical excellence and rigour with intuitive judgement and insight. We believe this combination results in better relationships, a deeper understanding of our clients' agendas and ultimately, more valuable and meaningful strategic advice."

The Panel is due to present its findings and recommendations to the States Assembly next month.

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