Adviser appointed for workplace culture review

30th April 2021

The Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel has appointed Richard Plaster as the adviser for its  'People and Culture' review, which is examining:

  • How the States Employment Board deals with bullying and harassment within the organisation;
  • How employment codes of practice and HR policy improve employee wellbeing; and
  • How workplace culture and restructuring within Government impact employee morale and wellbeing.

Richard Plaster is one of Jersey's senior Chartered Human Resource professionals and an experienced Director. Currently employed at Law at Work CI Limited, he has significant experience in a variety of sectors, including within the Government of Jersey. The Panel has appointed Mr. Plaster to provide expert knowledge on the review topic, analyse evidence and complete a final report for the Panel's consideration in July 2021.

Chair of the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel, Senator Kristina Moore, said: "The Panel is very much looking forward to working with Mr. Plaster. His wealth of HR experience, qualifications and success in previous roles, will provide valuable input for this important and timely review. We are confident that with Mr Plaster's support this review will provide constructive guidance to the Government of Jersey."

Richard Plaster said: "I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise with the Panel, to help inform such an essential review. I hope to draw on my success within previous, leading HR roles when guiding the Panel's in-depth assessment of workplace culture and employee wellbeing."

The Panel will shortly issue a call for evidence for its review and hold public and private hearings in May 2021 with a report being presented to the Assembly in July 2021.

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