States Assembly Members to Attend Cybersecurity Workshop

20th February 2020

​Deputy Scott Wickenden and Deputy Judy Martin are to attend a workshop exploring cybersecurity threats and challenges, hosted by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

Held in Westminster and Oxford, the workshop will be attended by lawmakers from over fifteen legislatures including Malaysia, New Zealand and Jamaica and will explore and support the delivery of the commitments made through the sharing of good practice, policy making and legislation for cybersecurity.

The three-day interactive workshop will look at current cybersecurity threats as well as existing cybersafe legislation and frameworks to tackle this. Speakers at the workshop will include experts from the National Crime Agency, the National Audit Office and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

As part of their visit, Deputy Scott Wickenden and Deputy Judy Martin will also have the opportunity to speak to experts from Oxford University in the fields of technology and security as well as law with a focus on areas such as cyber security of elections and the regulation of technology.

During the 2018 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, hosted by the UK, 53 leaders agreed on a common vision for tackling cybercrime through the Commonwealth Cyber Declaration.

Jon Davies, CPA UK Chief Executive said, "Cybercrime is undoubtedly one of the most complex challenges of our time, and it's transitional nature makes international cooperation increasingly important. It is for this reason that the sharing of best practice is crucial in developing effective protection mechanisms and platforms such as the Cybersecurity Workshop are held, to ensure parliamentarians are able to legislate on the matter and strengthen regional and international cooperation mechanisms."



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