Review of Care Inquiry response

16th October 2018

The Care of Children in Jersey Review Panel, chaired by Deputy Rob Ward, is reviewing the progress of the Council of Ministers (the Government) in implementing the Care Inquiry recommendations.

On October 31st 2017, the previous Council of Ministers presented the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry report: implementation of recommendations. This report set out the response to the recommendations made in the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry.

Deputy Rob Ward commented:

''It has been nearly a year since the response to the Care Inquiry recommendations was published and in that time there has been significant progress in some areas, but little in others. The Review Panel would like to hear views from members of the public and any organisations working with children to help inform its work. If they have any thoughts on the progress being made we want to hear them." 

The Review Panel wants to hear views of the public, stakeholders and local business on the progress made so far, particularly with regard to:

  • What the successes have been?
  • What needs further attention?
  • Whether there have there been any failings?

The deadline for receiving views is Friday 9th November 2018

Anybody wanting to write to the Panel with a submission can email the Panel at or send it to the States Greffe, Morier House, Halkett Place, St Helier, JE1 1DD.

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