Care of Children in Jersey Review Panel reformed

Care of Children Review Panel

30th August 2018

​The Chairmen’s Committee has agreed to re-establish the Care of Children in Jersey Review Panel. This is to examine the actions of the Council of Ministers following the implementation of the recommendations from the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry.

The Review Panel’s membership currently consists of, but is not limited to, Deputy Rob Ward, Senator Kristina Moore, Deputy Trevor Pointon, Deputy Kevin Pamplin, Deputy Mary Le Hegarat and Deputy Mike Higgins. As different work streams become live it is expected that other States members may become involved as well.

The previous Care of Children in Jersey Review Panel was established on 5 September 2017 and reviewed the work of the previous Council of Ministers in relation to implementation of the Care Inquiry Recommendations. The Panel reported on the response to the Care Inquiry and produced a legacy report outlining areas for further consideration prior to the election. It also held regular public hearings with the Chief Minister and received submissions from a range of organisations and individuals about the work being done to implement the recommendations. 
The Chairman, Deputy Rob Ward, said: “Making sure the recommendations from the Care Inquiry are implemented correctly is a major priority for the new Council of Ministers, and the Review Panel will be actively holding them to account on these important issues. The Review Panel will examine policy, legislation and other actions of the Council of Ministers to make sure what is being proposed is fit for purpose and helps improve the care of children in Jersey.”

The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry report identified individual and systemic failings, and made eight core recommendations for the future management and operation of Jersey’s residential and foster homes. This was to ensure the Island provides a safe and secure environment for the children in its care.

Eight recommendations from the report:

  1. A Commissioner for Children
  2. Giving Children and Young People a Voice
  3. Inspection of Services
  4. Building a Sustainable Workforce
  5. Legislation 
  6. Corporate Parent
  7. The “Jersey Way”
  8. Legacy Issues

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