Government's implementation of Care Inquiry Recommendations to be assessed

10th July 2019

​The Care of Children in Jersey Review Panel, chaired by Deputy Rob Ward, has today announced a review of the progress made implementing recommendations five, six, seven and eight from the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry (IJCI) and is seeking views from the public and key stakeholders about what has been achieved so far by the Government.

The Panel was established in order to scrutinise the actions of the Council of Ministers in relation to the recommendations of the IJCI. In December 2018, the Review Panel published a report examining the implementation of Recommendations One to Four, as well as additional matters relating to the IJCI, including the pledge to children and young people. This next stage will therefore focus on the final four recommendations which are as follows:

  1. Recommendation Five: Legislation
  2. Recommendation Six: Corporate Parent
  3. Recommendation Seven: The 'Jersey Way'
  4. Recommendation Eight: Legacy Issues

The Review Panel is interested to hear views on what has been achieved so far in relation to these recommendations, and whether there are any areas for further consideration. The Panel will be writing to key stakeholders and members of the public are invited to get in touch by Friday 16th August by emailing

Deputy Rob Ward commented: ''This assessment forms part of the Review Panel's continuing work to scrutinise the actions of the Council of Ministers in relation to the Care Inquiry recommendations and we are very interested to gather views about what has been achieved so far. There are a number of overarching issues that fall throughout the four recommendations, especially in relation to legislation and the perception of the 'Jersey Way', and we are especially interested to gather views and evidence in relation to how they have been responded to by the Government"

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