Chair appointed to Carbon Neutral Citizens' Assembly

1st March 2021

​Following a rigorous selection process, Emelita Robbins has been appointed as Chair Convener (elect) of the Carbon Neutral Citizens’ Assembly.

The Citizens’ Assembly is being formed as part of a democratic, people-powered approach, to consider the question ‘How should we work together to become carbon neutral?’. In particular, they will consider the implications and trade-offs of a range of scenarios for achieving carbon neutrality and how a full transition to zero (or almost zero) carbon emissions in key sectors might be achieved.

Following its deliberations, the Citizens’ Assembly will report its findings and recommendations to the States Assembly and the Government of Jersey.

The Chair Convener was recruited by the States Greffe, supported by the Jersey Appointments Commission, to play an independent and impartial role in Citizens' Assembly process. They do not have any voting rights but will listen and respond to the views and concerns of participants when required and will also represent the Citizens’ Assembly in the media and in public.

Mark Egan, Greffier of the States, said: “I am delighted to welcome Emelita Robbins to this significant role. I am looking forward to working with her to ensure that the Citizens’ Assembly is successful in considering the challenge of achieving carbon neutrality in Jersey and delivering authoritative recommendations for the States Assembly and ministers to consider”.

Emelita Robbins commented “I am honoured to be appointed as Chair Convener and to have the opportunity to work with the members of the Citizen’s Assembly, whose recommendations will inform this critical area of policy making in Jersey.

“This is definitely about doing politics differently! The Assembly shall offer a real chance for ordinary people to have a say in how we in Jersey rise to the challenge of avoiding a climate disaster. 

“I hope it also engages all Islanders in thinking about what we can each do to help, if not for ourselves but for the generations that follow.”

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