Citizens' Assembly on Climate Change: Recommendations published

1st June 2021

Following three months of meetings and expert briefings, the recommendations of the Citizens' Assembly on Climate Change have been agreed and published.

Addressing the question 'how we should work together to help Jersey become carbon neutral?', the Assembly voted that this should be achieved by 2030 by focusing on the Island's two greatest sources of greenhouse gases:

  • Transport

  • Heating, cooling and cooking.

The recommendations to reduce transport emissions are as follows, full details of which can be found in the full report:

Recommendation (in priority order)

Detail in the full report

1.     Introduce and financially support new carbon reduction technologies for all modes of transport

Page 24

2.     Transition to low-carbon transport by 2030 and financially support low income homes and small businesses

Page 25

3.     Decarbonise public transport by 2025 and make it more accessible and affordable

Page 26

4.     Change mindset and culture to reduce demand for travel

Page 27

5.     Invest in infrastructure and education, and introduce legislation, to encourage walking and cycling

Page 28

6.     Phase out fossil-fuelled cars and reduce car use through providing safe and affordable transport alternatives

Page 29

7.     Transition to all green transport, with no new registration of fossil fuel vehicles after 2025

Page 30

The recommendations to reduce heating, cooling and cooking emissions are:

Recommendation (in priority order)

Detail in the full report

1.     Ensure Building Standards and Planning Law specify carbon neutral standards for all buildings by 2023

Page 36

2.     Reduce carbon emissions from rental properties through Energy Performance Certificates by 2025

Page 37

3.     Educate and support consumers and suppliers to study, live and work in a carbon neutral way

Page 39

4.     Empower communities to become carbon neutral through communal power generation and energy efficiency measures

Page 40

5.     Appoint a Minister for Energy no later than 2022

Page 41

6.     Ensure all government and commercial properties become carbon neutral by 2030

Page 42

7.     Develop a strategy for retrofitting residential buildings to ensure optimal energy efficiency

Page 43

A summary of the report can be found on the Climate Conversation website, along with a video about the Citizens' Assembly.

Next steps:

The recommendations are being presented to Jersey's Youth Parliament today (1 June 2021).

States Members will have an initial in-committee debate on the Citizens' Assembly recommendations next month (July 2021).

The Government will now consider these recommendations and the next steps to take Jersey's carbon neutral plans forward. These steps will be published in the Carbon Neutral Roadmap, which the public will be able to have their say on before it's debated by the States Assembly in Spring 2022.

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