First Scrutiny hearing with Chief Minister

14th October 2022

The Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel has held its first Quarterly Public Hearing with the Chief Minister, Deputy Kristina Moore. 

During the hearing, the Chief Minister commented on the possibility that the Our Hospital Project may go ahead as it currently stands. The Panel heard that this decision will be informed by the report, commissioned by the Minister for Infrastructure into the viability of the existing single site option at Overdale, now delayed from its original deadline of 20 October to 1 November 2022. The Panel was struck that this position was at odds with the Minister for Infrastructure's comment that "…in its current form, the hospital project could not proceed", as heard in the States Assembly last week. When questioned specifically on the development of Kensington Place homes as a result of the Our Hospital Project, the Chief Minister commented that she was "not sighted on the position" that Andium Homes would be fully compensated for any delays. The Panel are concerned, however, that the Minister for Infrastructure responded with a "firm yes" to this question in the States Assembly. 

Deputy Sam Mézec, Chair of the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel, said "We would like to thank the Chief Minister, Assistant Ministers and Officers for an informative first public hearing with our newly formed Panel. The hearing raised concerns, however, that the views of Government Ministers on the Our Hospital Project are not aligned. Given the vast scope and funding allocated to it, we would like to see further clarity on the Government's current position on the Project."

Over the course of the hearing, the Panel also heard: 

  • Improving access to open spaces for school children is amongst the Chief Minister's key priorities, however, the Panel would like to see further detail on the expected timescale for the delivery of these plans. 
  • The Government is moving towards delivering the actions contained within the 100 Day Plan, but there was a lack of clarity as to whether all actions would be fully completed within the allocated timeframe.   
  • The review of the previous Government's Covid-19 response has prompted the Chief Minister to meet with the Emergency Council early next week to look at future response changes.  

A full recording of the public hearing can be watched in full here.  

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