Impact of Brexit deal on goods and trade to be scrutinised

12th January 2021

​A review scrutinising Jersey’s inclusion in the UK-EU Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement (TECA) has been launched by the Brexit Review Panel.

On 27 December 2020, the States Assembly voted to approve, in principle, Jersey’s participation in the TECA. This vote was subject to a 90-day ‘cooling off’ period, to expire on 31 March 2021, during which time Jersey may terminate its involvement in the TECA. The proposition adopted by the States Assembly, as amended, instructs the Panel to present a report to the States Assembly prior to the expiry of the 90-day ‘cooling off’ period, for States Members to consider its findings.

The Panel’s review will focus on scrutinising the sections of the TECA concerning ‘Goods’ and the trading implications this will have for Jersey, whilst the Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Scrutiny Panel will conduct a separate review of the sections of the TECA concerning ‘Fisheries’. 

The Panel’s review objectives are to:

  • Scrutinise the final legal text of the TECA to ensure it reflects Jersey’s interests;
  • Review the impact of the TECA on Jersey residents;
  • Engage with stakeholders, such as the relevant Ministers and Jersey industries, to seek reviews on Jersey’s TECA participation;
  • Analyse any advice received from legal experts, and engage with the Law Officers’ Department regarding the legal text; and
  • Provide constructive feedback and recommendations for the Council of Ministers and the States Assembly.

Chair of the Brexit Review Panel, Deputy David Johnson, said: “Participation in the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TECA) will mark a fundamental change in Jersey’s trading relationship with the European Union. We want to understand what the public, industry representatives, freight operators, supermarkets and wholesalers think about the implications of TECA for the Jersey-EU trade in goods. We will scrutinise the sections of TECA relating to Jersey goods and trade, to further inform the Council of Ministers and States Members about whether the TECA reflects the best interests of our Island.”

Islanders can share their views with the Panel:

  1. By completing the ‘Get involved’ form on the States Assembly website

  2. By emailing

  3. By messaging the States Assembly social media pages

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