Next States Meeting

16th July 2021

The next meeting of the States Assembly will commence on Monday, 19 July, at 2:30pm. The entire meeting will be broadcast live using Microsoft Teams via the following links:  

Monday afternoon will be dedicated to Question Time and the appointment of a Jersey Police Authority Member. States Members will ask Ministers up to two hours and 20 minutes of oral questions with notice, details of which can be found on page 10 of the Order Paper. The following Ministers will then answer oral questions without notice for 15 minutes each:

  • The Minister for Health and Social Services, Deputy Richard Renouf
  • The Minister for Home Affairs, Deputy Gregory Guida
  • The Chief Minister, Senator John Le Fondré

Public business will begin on Tuesday morning, when the following topics will be debated (in this order):

TopicsMore information
Landlord licensing scheme The Minister for the Environment's proposition and amendment
Allocation of former States of Jersey Police headquarters to the expansion of Rouge Bouillon Primary SchoolDeputy Inna Gardiner's proposition; the Minister for Children & Education's amendment and Deputy Inna Gardiner's amendment to the amendment
Income Tax, GST and Revenue Administration LawThe Minister for Treasury & Resources' proposition and the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel's first amendment and second amendment
Allocation of 2020 lottery ticket sales to Jersey charities The Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport & Culture's proposition and the Economic & International Affairs Scrutiny Panel's amendment
Changes which could affect how the 2022 General Election is runThe Privileges and Procedures Committee's proposition, the Comité des Connétables first amendment, second amendment, third amendment and fourth amendment
Law to prohibit discrimination against people with children when finding somewhere to liveThe Minister for Social Security's proposition
Law to prohibit single-use plastic bagsThe Minister for Infrastructure's proposition and amendment and a second amendment from the Connétable of St. Helier
Changes to Government Plan lodging period during an election yearThe Privileges and Procedures Committee proposition
Law relating to the Legal Aid Guidelines Committee The Chief Minister's proposition
Amendments to the States of Jersey Standing Orders relating to elections The Privileges and Procedures Committee proposition
Protection of facilities at Springfield Park and StadiumConstable Crowcroft's proposition
Revised Criminal Procedure Law The Minister for Home Affairs' proposition
Additional amendments to the new Criminal Procedure Law The Minister for Home Affairs' proposition and amendment
Criminal Procedure Law to come into force on 1 October 2021The Minister for Home Affairs' proposition
Affordable homes in the South Hill DevelopmentSenator Mézec's proposition
Two weeks Parental Bereavement Leave for employees following the death of a child under 18Deputy Ahier's proposition
Revised terms for Les Quennevais Park Flats Loan Scheme to extend loan period for up to 15 yearsThe Minister for Housing and Communities' proposition and amendment
In-committee debate on Carbon Neutral JerseyCarbon Neutral Jersey report

A notification when each debate begins, a summary of the proposal and the results of each debate will be shared on the States Assembly Twitter and Facebook pages throughout the meeting, which is expected to extend beyond Tuesday. 

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