Next Week's States Meeting

27th November 2020

​The next meeting of the States Assembly will commence on Monday 30 November at 2.30pm. The entire meeting will be broadcast live using Microsoft Teams via the following links: 

Monday afternoon (2:30pm)

• Tuesday morning (9:30am)

• Tuesday afternoon (2.15pm)

A notification when each debate begins, a summary of the proposal and the results of each debate will be shared on the States Assembly Twitter and Facebook pages throughout the meeting, which is expected to extend beyond Monday.

The first item for the Assembly will be the nomination and appointment of three members of the Public Accounts Committee who are not members of the States Assembly. The nominees are Dr Helen Miles, Mr Graeme Phipps and Mr Adrian Lane. 

There will then be two hours of oral questions, details of which can be found in the Order Paper. The Minister for Infrastructure, Deputy Kevin Lewis, and the Chief Minister, Senator John Le Fondré, will then answer questions without notice for 30 minutes. 

On Tuesday, the following topics will be debated (in this order):


More information​

Amend the Customs and Excise Law to allow provisions on declarations and controls to be made following the UK’s exit from the EU​


Amend laws relating to the welfare of animals during transport and the Pet Travel Scheme to make provisions for the UK leaving the EU​


Amend the definition of “social housing” to include housing provided by the Clos de Paradis Housing Trust​


Implement Regulations to ensure laws regarding food and feed, animal health and welfare, and plant health and plant protection products are adhered following the UK’s exit from the EU​


Change the make-up and election of the States Assembly​

Proposal and Amendments

Allocate a 50/50 split of £1,388,268 to the Jersey Community Foundation and the Association of Jersey Charities​

Proposal and Amendment

Allow Jersey Heritage Trust to alter or amend their own Constitution without requiring Ministerial approval ​


Prevent a States Member from Chairing a Scrutiny Panel or the Public Accounts Committee if they are in the same political party as any of the Ministers that the panel scrutinises​


Provide additional protection to Jersey Law ensuring products have a specific geographical origin and have a link to the place where they are made (e.g. Parma Ham, Champagne etc.) following the UK’s exit from the EU​


​Appoint Advocate Simon Thomas as Chair of the Social Security Medical Appeal Tribunal


Appoint Dr Elena R Moran as Chair of the Employment and Discrimination Tribunal from 1 December 2020; and Mr Cyril E Whelan as Deputy Chair of the Tribunal from 1 January 2021​

Proposal ​

Appoint Advocate Simon Thomas as Chair of the Social Security Tribunal​


Appoint Advocate Simon Thomas as Chair of the Income Support Medical Appeal Tribunal​


Amend the procedure for written and oral questions in light of the States moving meetings to a 3-week cycle from January 2021​


Create “parental responsibilities” as a new reason for a States Member being absent from the States Assembly


Amend current guidelines on singing to allow for a wider variety of singing activities to take place


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