Next Week's States Assembly 22 Sep 2020

18th September 2020

The next meeting of the States Assembly commences on Tuesday, 22 September at 9:30am.

The entire sitting will be broadcast live using Microsoft Teams via the following links: 

Morning (9:30am) 

Afternoon (2:15pm) 

The meeting will begin with two hours of oral questions, details of which can be found in the Order Paper. The Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture, Lyndon Farnham and the Minister for the Environment, John Young, will then answer questions without notice for 15 minutes each of before an hour of questions without notice to all Ministers.

Following question time, a range of topics will be debated:

TopicsMore information
The removal of British Citizenship requirements for any potential States Assembly candidateProposal and amendments 
The Honorary Police's use of unattended mobile speed camerasProposal 
A digital register of all commercial and residential properties to aid policy creationProposal 
The formation of an independent panel to review the system of Ministerial GovernmentProposal 
Jersey's Foreshore policy and the associated charges made to residentsProposal and amendments 
The possibility of drinks promotions being allowed in Jersey and review of alcohol pricing and the licensing processProposal and amendments 
The States Assembly changing its meeting schedule to once every three weeks for a trial period in 2021
Proposal and amendments


A notification when each debate begins, a summary of the proposal and the results of each debate will be shared on the States Assembly Twitter and Facebook pages throughout the sitting, which is expected to extend beyond Tuesday. 

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