Process following Minister's resignation

13th January 2021

​Following Senator Vallois’ resignation from the role of Minister for Education, yesterday, a process has begun to assign responsibility for this area of Government to another States Member.

A result of a Minister’s resignation, the Assistant Minister(s) appointed by that Minister automatically ‘fall’ from their role(s). On Monday, the Chief Minister appointed Deputy Maçon as ‘Acting Minister for Education’, until a permanent appointment is made. Prior to his recent appointment as Minister for Children and Housing, Deputy Maçon was Assistant Minister for Education.

At either the scheduled States Meeting on 19 January or 9 February 2021, the Chief Minister, Senator Le Fondré, is likely to nominate a fellow States Member to take on the Ministerial role permanently. Other nominations would then be invited. Members cannot nominate themselves and all nominations must be seconded by another Member.  Regardless of how many candidates there are, each one makes a speech and faces questions from the Assembly. If there is more than one nominee, then there will be an open vote by Members to choose the successful candidate. 

The successful applicant for the role then takes up the position with immediate effect and may appoint Assistant Minister(s). Whilst there is no limit to the number of Assistant Ministers, the ‘Executive’, which is made up of all Minister and Assistant Ministers, cannot exceed 21 of the 49 elected Members.

Ministers and Assistant Ministers are unable to hold positions on Scrutiny Panels or the Public Accounts Committee and therefore leave any such roles upon commencing Ministerial responsibilities.

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