Recruitment and retention of teachers to be examined

19th September 2019

The Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel is examining the successes and challenges faced by the Island in relation to recruiting and retaining teachers and lecturers.

The Panel recently questioned the Minister for Education about the current vacancy rates in advance of the new academic year and found that 69 teachers had handed their noticed in as of 31st May 2019. Whilst most of these vacancies have now been filled, the Panel has agreed that it would be beneficial to examine the views of the teaching profession and the available data relating to recruitment and retention, to identify the successes and challenges for the Island. Whilst the review is not being carried out in direct response to the recent industrial action, it is hoped that it will help determine whether there are any underlying trends or issues that may have contributed to this.  

The Panel has appointed 4insight to undertake a piece of independent, qualitative research in order to better understand the views of the profession. This will be undertaken within focus groups of current and former teachers which are due to take place throughout October. Invites will be sent out via schools, the Education Unions (NEU, NASUWT and JAHT) and by 4insight. Anyone interested in taking part is urged to contact 4insight on 859300 or by email at or to  register their interest and answer a quick set of questions to see whether they qualify.

Deputy Rob Ward commented:

''Understanding the factors behind recruitment and retention in this important profession is key not only to the well-being and education of our children, but to the ongoing development of our society as a whole. It is hoped that by adopting a qualitative approach to gathering evidence, and by hearing directly from teachers themselves, we are able to put forward a constructive narrative that will show what the Island is doing well and what we can improve into the future".      

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