Reducing Use of Plastics in Jersey

27th July 2018

The Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Scrutiny Panel, chaired by Connétable Mike Jackson, announces its review into how Jersey can reduce its use of plastics.  Each year, 400 million tonnes of plastic is produced globally, 40% of which is single-use meaning it is only used once before being thrown away.

Whilst awareness campaigns have been established to encourage islanders to go 'plastic free', there is currently no definitive commitment to adopt the recently announced EU's stance and phase-out of single use plastics.  Furthermore, Jersey statistics show that in 2016, only 6% of all plastic waste was recycled.  Plastic bottles collected as waste in Jersey are currently exported to the UK where they are processed for recycling.

The Panel has established its terms of reference for the review and will explore the following key issues:

  • What measures are being taken, or are proposed, by the Ministers for Infrastructure and Environment jointly to address the issue of reducing plastic waste?  Is there collaborative working between Departments? What challenges do they face?
  • Are existing measures realistic and achievable?  Are they sufficient or is there more that needs to be done?
  • What role do local businesses have in helping to reduce plastic waste in Jersey?  What challenges do they face in taking steps to do so?
  • What limitations and/or challenges are there surrounding Jersey's reliance on the importation of plastic materials and therefore its ability to significantly reduce plastic waste?
  • How effective is recycling when it comes to plastics? Are there other initiatives that could be implemented?
  • How is plastic waste treated and what environmental benefits does this have?
  • What lessons can Jersey learn from other countries on how to reduce and/or eliminate use of plastics?

Connétable Mike Jackson, Chairman of the Panel says, "Since the ever growing issue of plastic pollution was poignantly demonstrated on Blue Planet II towards the end of last year, the issue has now taken centre stage on a global scale. Jersey has its own role to play in reducing its use of plastics, not only for the benefit of our beautiful island environment, but also as a moral imperative on a global level.  The Panel is keen to investigate what more can be done in addition to current awareness campaigns".

The Panel will write to identified stakeholders, including the Minister for the Environment and the Minister for Infrastructure, in order to gather material relevant to its enquiry.  The public will also be invited to submit evidence and public hearings will be held in due course.  The Panel is aiming to report on this matter by the end of November 2018. If you would like to write to the Panel with a submission please send it to the Scrutiny Office, Morier House, Halkett Place, St Helier, JE1 1DD or to

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