Review of States Annual Accounts 2021 launched

11th October 2022

​The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has launched a review of the 2021 States Annual Report and Accounts, which provides a breakdown of how public money is spent by the Government of Jersey.

A key part of the Committee's review will be to examine the accuracy, transparency and timeliness of the 2021 Annual Reports and Accounts. It will also assess whether the Report clearly outlines how public funds have been used to achieve the Government's objectives and how the Government has performed over the year in the context of these objectives.

The Committee will consult and hold a public hearing with the Government's Chief Executive and the Treasurer of the States to determine their views on the Report and Accounts, before presenting a comprehensive report with findings and recommendations to the States Assembly by December 2022.

Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, Deputy Lyndsay Feltham, said: "It is crucial that taxpayers understand how their money is being spent and have confidence that it is being put to best use. Our first review as a newly formed Committee will allow us to assess whether the Annual Reports and Accounts for the previous year explain, in a transparent, timely manner, how public funds have been applied and whether the Government's performance met the objectives it set out to achieve. We look forward to speaking with the Chief Executive and the Treasurer to gauge a comprehensive understanding of how the report was prepared, which will also feed into our report when published at the end of this year."

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