Review of cost of living mini-budget launched

4th August 2022

The newly elected Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel has launched a review of the Government of Jersey's proposed £56.5 million mini-budget, lodged this week by the Minister for Treasury and Resources and the Minister for Social Security to address the cost-of-living crisis.

In scrutinising the proposals, the Panel aims to:

  • Determine whether the mini-budget adequately addresses the specific needs of households hardest hit by the cost-of-living crisis;
  • Review the impact of the support package on the inequality of income and wealth in Jersey;
  • Review whether the proposals can realistically be implemented within the set timeframe; and
  • Assess how the monetary relief provided will be recovered

To gather evidence for its review, the Panel will engage with the public and hold public hearings with relevant Ministers. It will present a report outlining its findings and recommendations ahead of the debate on the proposed mini-budget in September.

Chair of the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel, Deputy Sam Mézec, commented:

"When many Islanders are feeling the effects of the increasing cost of living, it is right that the government considers taking special measures to tackle this. The Panel wishes to investigate whether the proposed Mini Budget will actually address the most pressing needs amongst Islanders, with particular concern for low-income households who will be hardest hit by rising costs. To assess whether this is the case, we will be asking those most affected to share their views on the suggested proposals and use this feedback to inform our report before the support package is debated by the States Assembly."

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