Review of Jersey's system of Government launched

22nd March 2021

An in-depth review of the Island's system of government has been launched today by the Democratic Accountability and Governance Sub-Committee[1]. Their aim is to review the Government's accountability to the public and the Assembly, with a view to making recommendations for improvement.

The Sub-Committee will be writing to various stakeholders, including States Members and senior government officials, to gather evidence that will assist its review, as well as inviting submissions from members of the public. Their review will explore:

  • The roles of the Council of Ministers, the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, Ministers, Assistant Ministers, and the States Employment Board and how they may be held to account by the public and the Assembly.
  • The relationship between ministerial and civil service structures in relation to policy development, implementation and operational management, particularly in relation to the the development of the OneGov project and how this affects accountability to the public and the Assembly.
  • The role of Scrutiny and the Public Accounts Committee in holding the executive to account.
  • Whether the current ministerial and Scrutiny portfolios set out in Standing Orders remain appropriate or whether there is an alternative structure or system for electing Members to ministerial office or Scrutiny, which would enhance accountability and effectiveness.
  • Opportunities for States Members to be engaged in the process of Government. 

In 2020, Deputy John Young called for an independent, external review of Jersey's system of governance. Although the proposition was defeated, during the debate Senator Tracey Vallois suggested that there should be a standing committee to consider changes to the system of government. This was taken forward by the Privileges and Procedures Committee which subsequently established the Democratic Accountability and Governance Sub-Committee.

 Senator Vallois, Chair of the Sub-Committee said: "The Island's system of government has been a topic of conversation for many years. The move from the committee arrangement into ministerial government in 2005 was a major change for the Island's political system. We want to explore the lines of accountability of government to the public and the Assembly in order to raise any issues that might need addressing so that improvements can be made." 

Islanders (including former States Members and Government officials) are encouraged to share their views with the Sub-Committee by:

  1. Emailing

  2. Messaging the States Assembly on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

[1] A Sub-Committee established by the Privileges and Procedures Committee (PPC). Membership is as follows: Senator Tracey Vallois (Chair), Senator Ian Gorst, Senator Sam Mézec, Constable Richard Buchanan, Constable John Le Bailly and Deputy Kirsten Morel.

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