Scrutiny calls for action to tackle male violence towards women and misuse of alcohol and drugs

1st February 2022

In a public hearing yesterday morning, the Children, Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel (CEHA) questioned the Minister for Home Affairs about important local issues including:

Male violence to women and girls

  • The Panel highlighted a lack of strategic clarity from a political and Officer level in response to this issue.
  • There is an opportunity for members of the public / organisations to join the improving women's safety Task Force by contacting SPPP via
  • The Minister reported that there is difficulty in recruiting the right professionals to carry out the community engagement review into male violence to women and girls.
  • The Chief of Police confirmed that this is a strategic priority for 2022 and tackling the issue features strongly on the policing plan, key actions include:
    - Prioritising the needs of the victim(s).
    - Working with law officers department to improve legislation.
    - Dealing with prevention and witnesses.
    - Pursuing perpetrators.

Drug and Alcohol Strategy

  • The Panel identified a lack of clarity on the drug and alcohol elements of the Building a Safer Society Strategy (BASS) and there appears to be significant work to be done before a new drug and alcohol strategy is implemented.
  • The Panel raised concerns that there is no certainty of the current Government approach to reduce drug and alcohol misuse.
  • The Minister confirmed that recruitment problems have hindered the process in this area.
  • The Panel noted that the balance between punitive and simple harm reduction in respect of medicinal cannabis is not clear.


  • The States of Jersey Police Force 12 month Taser Trial was originally cut back to 8 months due to the election, however, the Panel notes that this is now going to last the intended 12 month trial period as the Minister has agreed to defer the Taser debate until 29 March 2022.
  • Tasers have been used 20 times (the use of tasers includes a staged process; removing the taser from the holster, aiming the taser and red dotting) but fired three times during the trial period.

Legislative Programme

  • The Panel is pleased to note that there is a refreshed commitment from the Minister on introducing the crime and prejudice law, which tackles misogyny.
  • The Scottish Government has recently provided an improved law for prejudice and hate crimes, which includes provisions for dealing with online abuse.
  • The Domestic Abuse Law and Police Complaints Law propositions should be lodged for debate at the end of March 2022.

Deputy Rob Ward, Chair of the Children, Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel, commented: "We have concerns about the lack of clarity and joined up approach to dealing with some of the key issues discussed in the hearing today, especially male violence to women and drug and alcohol misuse strategy. We look forward to receiving further updates to address these important local problems and would reiterate that the Government must act now to improve the lives and safety of Islanders." 

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