Scrutiny to examine HR policies and staff wellbeing in the public sector

27th January 2021

​The Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel is commencing a review into the Government’s People and Culture strategy, policies and procedures.

The Panel’s review will primarily focus on three areas:

  • How the States Employment Board deals with bullying and harassment within the organisation.  The review will assess the effectiveness of disciplinary procedures, the employee exit process, and how the employment policy influences workplace culture.
  • How the States Employment Board implements employment codes of practice, HR policy, and improves employee wellbeing. This will examine the actions taken following the HR Lounge Reports into Bullying and Harassment.
  • How workplace culture and restructuring within Government is impacting employee morale and well-being, assessing staff turnover and the wider impact of people management within the organisation.

To inform the review, the Panel will carry out several public hearings, examine relevant documents and procedures, and invite key stakeholders to comment on their experiences in a confidential forum.

Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel Chair, Senator Kristina Moore, comments: “Employees are the Government’s biggest asset. The Panel has held concerns around the organisation’s workplace culture for some time and is eager to review the efficacy of implemented changes. Reports of bullying and harassment are worrying and any situation in which this arises must be dealt with using stringent policies and procedures. The Panel hopes that by engaging with this review the Government will restore the highest morale among employees and reduce the level of staff turnover that has been seen in recent years”.

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