States Assembly decisions on 16 July 2019

17th July 2019

​On 16 July 2019, the States Assembly agreed that a report should be published every six months on the use of consultants by the Government of Jersey.  The proposition was lodged by Deputy Kirsten Morel and it will see a report on consultants whose contracts are worth £20,000 or more.

States members also approved the Income Support (Amendment No. 19) (Jersey) Regulations.  Lodged by the Minister for Social Security, Deputy Judy Martin, the Regulations increase most Income Support components by 1.9%; increase the first-child component by £5.04 a week; and strengthen the financial incentives for Income Support households to increase their own income and thereby move towards financial independence.  An amendment from Deputy Geoff Southern to increase the components by a larger amount was rejected by 40 votes to 9.

The Assembly also adopted the Unlawful Public Entertainments (Jersey) Regulations, which govern the licensing of public entertainment events; as well as the Sanctions and Asset-Freezing (Amendment) (Jersey) Law.  States members rejected a proposition from Senator Sarah Ferguson, however, to request the Channel Island Competition Regulatory Authority to withdraw its consultation on the 5G spectrum and to bring forward an overall telecommunications strategy.

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