States Greffe welcomes parliamentary representatives from around British Isles

IPRIN 2018 delegates in Jersey, Channel Islands

6th September 2018

​The States Greffe – which provides support to Jersey’s parliament, the States Assembly – is hosting the annual Inter-Parliamentary Research and Information Network (IPRIN) Conference in Jersey on 6-7 September.

Established in 2005, IPRIN provides an opportunity for parliamentary research, support and advisor colleagues from around the British Isles to exchange ideas and recommendations. This is in order to develop and improve the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of parliamentary services for members of parliament (known as States members in Jersey).

The conference is taking place in the States Building in St. Helier and welcomes around 30 parliamentary representatives from England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man and Guernsey.

Topics up for discussion range from how parliaments will be dealing with Brexit through to improving the scrutiny of parliament and internal communications.

Greffier of the States, Dr. Mark Egan, who is leading this year’s conference in Jersey, says, “This is a fantastic networking opportunity for parliamentary colleagues from around the British Isles to come together to learn and share best practice, as well as discuss the challenges they face in their own parliaments. We hope that the event will empower all involved to make a positive difference in shaping the future support of their parliaments.”

Membership of IPRIN is made up of staff from the House of Commons Library (UK), the House of Lords Library (UK), the National Assembly for Wales Research Service, the Northern Ireland Assembly Research and Information Service, the Oireachtas Library and Research Service (Ireland), the Scottish Parliament Information Centre, the Tynwald Information Service (Isle of Man) and the States Greffe (Jersey).

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