States Meeting summary 16 September

16th September 2021


Due to technical issues regarding sound connectivity in the States Chamber, today's States Meeting commenced at 2:15pm. To begin, the Bailiff read a tribute for the late former Deputy of St. Saviour and Planning & Environment Minister, Rob Duhamel, who passed away on Tuesday.

Public business

Social Security Amendment of Minimum Earnings Threshold 

The States Assembly continued debating the Minister for Social Security's proposed amendment to the minimum earnings threshold.

Following the States Assembly's approval, from 1 January 2022, employers will collect and pay contributions for employees that earn above a certain amount, rather than when they work more than eight hours a week. 

The minimum earnings threshold will be initially set so that it is equivalent to working eight hours a week at the minimum wage. For information, the threshold today would be £289 per month or £66 per week. 

This change is intended to make it easier for employers to collect social security contributions for part-time employees and report information to the Government for contributions, income tax and manpower requirements, through a new combined employer return. 

The States Assembly approved the proposition in principle, after which it was called in for scrutiny by the Health and Social Security Panel. A debate on the second reading will continue during the week of the States Meeting commencing 2 November.

Commencement of the Legislation Law 2021

The Privileges and Procedures Committee proposed to bring the Legislation Law 2021 into force on 28 September 2021, the purpose being to enable Jersey's legislation website to display all legislation in its current form.

The States Assembly voted to APPROVE the proposition. See how States Members voted here.  

This afternoon's meeting will become available to watch here shortly.

The next meeting of the States Assembly will take place at 9:30am on Tuesday 5 October. 

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