States agree to promote Jèrriais

12th February 2019

The States agreed today (Tuesday 12th February 2019) that Jèrriais should be incorporated into official States signs and letter headings and to adopt Jèrriais as an official language of the States Assembly.

Deputy Jeremy Maçon brought the proposition to the States, arguing that the survival and revitalisation of Jèrriais was essential to maintain "Jersey’s unique cultural identity" (P.143/2018). The States also adopted an amendment by Deputy Montfort Tadier that the States should include Jèrriais as one of the official languages of the States Assembly, alongside English and French (P.143/2018 Amd.).

The States also adopted the Draft European Union (United Kingdom Exit - Miscellaneous Amendments) (Jersey) Regulations 2019 (P.148/2018) which make sure that any references to “member states of the EU” in Jersey’s legislation will also refer to the United Kingdom separately after Brexit.

Three amendments to the Standing Orders that govern States Assembly procedures were adopted (P.1/2019). The requirement for the nominations for Chief Minister to be circulated specifically by email was removed; as was the requirement for candidates for ministerial office to circulate a statement of their proposed policies after their appointment; and a provision which stops members of the Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Scrutiny Panel from also being members of the Planning Committee was also removed. An amendment by Deputy Kristen Morel to require all successfully elected Ministers to provide a written statement of their policy intentions to the States Assembly within 3 working days of being elected to office and to publish those statements online was rejected.

Miss Jennifer Bridge, Mr. Michael de la Haye, O.B.E., Mr. Simon Nash, Miss Roisin Pitman, Advocate Fraser Robertson, and Mrs. Hannah Westmacott were appointed by the States as members of the Jersey Employment and Discrimination Tribunal for five years from 1 March 2019 (P.2/2019).

A proposition from Deputy Jeremy Maçon that Ministers should consult with lenders before introducing consumer lending-related legislation was adopted (P.3/2019). The States also agreed to amend Standing Orders to change the name and remit of the Economic and Affairs Panel to include international development (P.4/2019).

Decisions of the States on 12th February 2019.

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