States rescind decision to put hospital on current site

13th February 2019

The States have rescinded their 2016 decision to build the new Jersey General Hospital on the site of the current hospital.

The Assembly has adopted a proposition of Deputy Russell Labey, as amended, to overturn its decision that the hospital should be build in Gloucester Street by 39 votes to 7.

Members have also agreed that the conclusions of any site selection process undertaken to date should be set aside and the Council of Ministers should implement a new, open and transparent process of site selection for the new Jersey General Hospital so the most suitable site location can be identified. It has also been agreed that People's Park, Lower Park, Victoria Park, Westmount Gardens and Parade Gardens in St. Helier should not be considered as locations for the new hospital.

Future Hospital: Rescindment of Gloucester Street as Preferred Site - Proposition, amendments and votes.

Read what else the Assembly decided on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 February 2019.

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