Summary of the States Assembly 4th February

4th February 2020

​The States Assembly began at 09:30am on Tuesday 4th February

  • The Bailiff announced that on 24th March 2020, The Countess of Wessex will visit Jersey. During her trip to the Island she will visit the Gower Centre on Stopford Road, an NSPCC charity. H.E. Lieutenant Governor and Lady Dalton will host the Countess as their guest at a charity lunch.
  • Deputy Mike Higgins and Deputy Louise Doublet were approved as new members of the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel.
  • Written questions were submitted and can be found in the Order Paper.

Oral Questions

You can watch all oral questions here

Topics such as paid bereavement as part of Jersey's family friendly legislation, medicinal cannabis, the credit card payment machines at Sand Street car park, assisted home ownership and the supply of menstrual products in Jersey schools were all raised in the Assembly.

A debate on the use of carrier bags saw the Minister for Environment, Deputy John Young, highlight that in addition to carrier bags, microplastics are also a threat to the environment. He informed other States members that he will be working with the British Irish Council and investing money into research on how to deal with the hazard of microplastics.     

Questions Without Notice

You can watch all Questions Without Notice here

Minister for Economic Development, Tourism Sport and Culture Senator Lyndon Farnham took questions on Netball facilities in the Island, online gambling with credit cards and links to other Channel Islands.

During questions, Deputy Steve Ahier asked how long Senator Lyndon Farnham's inflation strategy has taken and when it will be published. Senator Lyndon Farnham advised his report was complete; has gone before scrutiny and is due to be presented to the States as a report soon.

Deputy Graham Truscott asked if the Minister can do anything to address the static numbers of people arriving in the Island via the ports. Senator Lyndon Farnham said he is hoping the sale of Condor Ferries to a new company that includes Brittany Ferries will present new opportunities and that he remains confident there will be overall growth in visitor numbers.

Deputy Jeremy Maçon asked Senator Lyndon Farnham if he supports the tunnel to Guernsey to which the Minister answered, "No, sir I do not. I don't think it's possible or financially feasible." Senator Farnham also added that he hopes to see more air and sea visitors from other islands, and to improve air links with Alderney.

The Minister for Infrastructure, Deputy Kevin Lewis then took questions on transport, rubbish collection and cycle routes.

You can watch all Questions Without Notice here

Senator Kristina Moore asked what consideration the Minister given to trialling hydrogen fuelled buses as opposed to the electric powered bus trial that has been underway recently.

Deputy Kevin Lewis advised that the cost for a hydrogen fuelled bus is "phenomenal".  He also advised that the cost of a hydrogen bus is at least 5 times the cost of a conventional bus and that Infrastructure have a "watching brief" regarding hydrogen-based vehicles.

Richard Buchanan, Constable of St Ouen, asked if the amount of glass being disposed of in general rubbish is being monitored and has he taken any measures to reduce the quantity with individual Parishes?

Deputy Lewis advised it is something that is being monitored and if this is going on a lot, notices are sent to the relevant Constables to act as the disposal of glass in this way could cause a lot of damage to the energy from waste facility.

The Deputy of St John asked if the Minister would explain what's being done to create protected cycle routes in the north of the island. The Minister for Infrastructure advised that this is in progress, but also highlighted that there is a cycle route that goes north which has been open for some time.

Public Business

Senator Ian Gorst withdrew his request to debate his proposal on the reform of the composition of the States Assembly at this sitting.

Deputy Russell Labey, Chair of Privileges and Procedures Committee, also deferred his proposal to debate electoral reform to the 10th March.

Deputy Montfort Tadier requested that his amended proposal on a public holiday to mark the Corn Riots be debated today. The vote was passed. 

The first item debated was Personal Tax Reforms. You can read the full proposal here

The Minister for Treasury and Resources, Deputy Susie Pinel advised that these changes would put married women and younger partners in a civil partnership on an equal footing.

Several members debated the proposal and points that were raised included equality, the tax system as a whole and the responsibility for debt. 

Watch the full debate below:

Morning session

Afternoon session

The proposition was ADOPTED


The second item debated was Deputy Geoff Southern's proposal on Affordable Access to Primary Care, amended by Deputy Richard Renouf, Minister for Health and Social Services. You can read the full proposal here

There was little debate on the topic and it quickly went to a vote. 

Watch the full debate here

The proposition was ADOPTED


The third item debated was Deputy Montfort Tadier's proposal to mark the 250th Anniversary of the Corn Riots. You can read the full proposal here

Members debated the potential costs of an extra bank holiday and the importance of culture. Deputy John Young, Deputy Mike Higgins, the Constable of St Ouen and Senator Mèzec were among the supporters of all 5 of the paragraphs in the proposal.

Watch the full debate here

The proposition was ADOPTED


The next meeting of the Assembly will be on Tuesday 25 February. On the agenda are:

  • Draft Public Health and Safety (Rented Dwellings) (Licensing) (Jersey) Regulations 201
  • Draft Public Health and Safety (Rented Dwellings) (Licensing) (Jersey) Regulations 201

  • Carbon Neutral Strategy 2019
  • Carbon Neutral Strategy 2019 (amendment)
  • Draft Taxation (Implementation) (International Tax Compliance) (Mandatory Disclosure Rules for CRS Avoidance Arrangements and Opaque Offshore Structures) (Jersey) Regulations 202
  • Draft Control of Housing and Work (Residential and Employment Status) (Amendment) (Jersey) Regulations 202
  • Social Security Tribunal: appointment of members
  • Income Support Medical Appeal Tribunal: appointment of members
  • Social Security Medical Appeal Tribunal: appointment of member.

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