States Meeting Summary 29 June

29th June 2021

Ministerial appointments

Minister for Children & Education

Today's States Meeting started with the appointment of Jersey's new Minister for Children and Education. The Chief Minister, Senator John Le Fondré, nominated Deputy Scott Wickenden, Constable Karen Shenton-Stone nominated Deputy Robert Ward and Deputy Kirsten Morel nominated Deputy Louise Doublet. Each candidate spoke for 10 minutes and was questioned by States Members for a further 20 minutes. Initially none of the candidates received a majority vote, so it was taken to a second vote. Having received the lowest number of votes, Deputy Doublet was eliminated from the second vote. After receiving 24 votes in contrast to Deputy Ward's 23 in the second round, Deputy Wickenden was appointed as Minister for Children & Education. See how States Members voted here.

Minister for Home Affairs

Following the passing of Constable Len Norman, the Chief Minister nominated the Assistant Minister for Home Affairs, Deputy Gregory Guida, to fill this role. As there were no other nominations, Deputy Guida was appointed as the new Minister following a 10-minute speech and 20 minutes of questions from States Members.

Question time

Oral questions with notice

Non-executive States Members asked Ministers oral questions with notice for two hours and 20 minutes.

See what questions were asked by skipping to page seven of the Order Paper.

Listen to Ministers' answers to questions by skipping to two hours and 35 minutes into Tuesday morning's meeting, a recording of which will be uploaded here within the next few days.

Oral questions without notice

After questions with notice, non-executive States Members asked the following Ministers questions without notice for 45 minutes (15 minutes each):

  • The Minister for the Environment, Deputy John Young

  • The Minister for Housing and Communities, Deputy Russell Labey

  • The Chief Minister, Senator John Le Fondré

Catch up on questions without notice by skipping to one hour and 45 minutes into Tuesday afternoon's meeting.  

Public business

Extension of economic substance rules to partnerships

The Minister for External Relations & Financial Services, Senator Ian Gorst, proposed a proposition to extend economic substance rules, which currently apply to companies, to partnerships.

The States Assembly voted to APPROVE the proposition.

See how States Members voted here.

To watch the full debate, skip to two hours and 40 minutes into Tuesday afternoon's meeting.

This week's States Meeting will resume tomorrow morning, Wednesday 30 June, at 9:30am. 

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