This week's States Meeting

7th February 2022

The next States Meeting will commence at 9:30am tomorrow, Tuesday 8 February. The entire meeting will be broadcast live via Microsoft Teams using the following links:

States Members will ask Ministers up to two hours and 20 minutes of oral questions, which have been issued to them in advance (i.e. 'with notice'). Details of this week's oral questions with notice can be found on page eight of the Order Paper. The following Ministers will then answer oral questions which they have not been given in advance of the meeting (i.e., 'without notice') for 15 minutes each:

  • The Minister for International Development, Deputy Carolyn Labey;
  • The Minister for Social Security, Deputy Judy Martin; and
  • The Chief Minister, Senator John Le Fondré.

After question time, the following topics will be debated (in this order):

Topics: More information:
Draft Law to support the wellbeing and safeguarding of children and young people, in particular the most vulnerableMinister for Children and Education's Proposition
Changes to the process of liquidating a companyMinister for External Relations and Financial Services' Proposition
Change to the Law that allows payment into a pension schemeMinister for External Relations and Financial Services' Proposition
Establishing a radiotherapy unit in JerseyDeputy Tadier's Proposition and the Minister for the Environment's Amendment
Continued implementation of EU controls in relation to animal and plant products Minister for the Environment's Proposition
Adopting the 'Common Population Policy' for JerseyCouncil of Ministers' Proposition
Licences for drivers of heavy goods vehiclesMinister for Infrastructure's Proposition
New transaction tax on 'enveloped property' (property owned by entities, rather than individuals)Minister for Treasury and Resources' Proposition, Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel's Amendment and the Minster for Treasury and Resources' Amendment
Update to Law in relation to the minimum earnings thresholdMinster for Social Security's Proposition
To make the Rent Safe Scheme mandatory for all landlordsSenator Moore's Proposition and Deputy Ward's Amendment
Changes to the resignation process for Connétables (Parish Constables)Comité des Connétables' Proposition
Changes to the financial crime Law in relation to property assetsMinister for External Relations and Financial Services' Propositions:
Jurats' retirement processChief Ministers' Proposition
Increase tenancy notice periods for long sitting tenantsSenator Mézec's Proposition and the Minister for Housing and Communities' Amendment
Various changes to the Standing OrdersPrivileges and Procedures Committee's Proposition

A notification when each debate begins, a summary of the proposal and the results of each debate will be shared on the States Assembly Twitter and Facebook pages throughout the meeting, which is expected to extend beyond Tuesday. 

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