This week's States Meeting

13th September 2021

The States Assembly will commence tomorrow, 14 September, at 9.30am. The entire meeting will be broadcast live using Public i via the following links:

The first item for the Assembly will be the appointment of a member of the Public Accounts Committee and a member of the Planning Committee.  The Connétable of St. John and Deputy Maçon have respectively been nominated for these positions.

States Members will then ask Ministers up to two hours and 20 minutes of oral questions, which have been issued to them in advance (ie 'with notice') notice, details of which can be found on page six of the Order Paper. The following Ministers will then answer oral questions which they have not been given in advance of the meeting (ie 'without notice') for 15 minutes each:

  • The Minister for Children and Education, Deputy Scott Wickenden;

  • The Minister for Social Security, Deputy Judy Martin; and

  • The Chief Minister, Senator John Le Fondré.

After question time, the following topics will be debated (in this order):


More information:

Vote of Censure: Council of Ministers. (P.72/2021)


The censure is proposed for a failure to implement the decision made by the States Assembly on 10th February 2021 in adopting 'Residential Properties in the Waterfront Development' (P.165/2020), as amended. This is the first Vote of Censure for this term of Government.


Senator Mezec's Proposal

Draft Civil Aviation (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 202-. (P.64/2021) 


This Law if passed will provide a power for the States to make regulations about the investigation of air accidents and serious incidents in Jersey. 


Minister for External Relations and Financial Services' Proposal

Chief Executive Officer – Recruitment Process. (P.73/2021) 


This proposition requests the States Employment Board halt the recruitment process for a new Government of Jersey Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.) and instead to extend the current Interim C.E.O.'s contract until a date after the General Election in June 2022, pending the completion and publication of a review into the appointment process for the former C.E.O., as recommended by the Comptroller and Auditor General and requested by the Public Accounts Committee. 


Deputy Morel's Proposal

States Meetings: Move to a three-week cycle. (P.74/2021) 


This proposition proposes that meetings should continue on a three-week cycle after the 2021 trial. This includes a list of dates for three weekly meetings in 2022, as well as two-week meeting dates should it fail. 


Privileges and Procedures Committee's Proposal

Draft Finance (2020 Budget) (Jersey) Law 2020 (Appointed Day) Act 202-. (P.75/2021) 


Under the current system employers submit their tax, social security, and manpower information on different returns. From January 2022, it is intended that employers will submit a Combined Employer Return (CER) every month, which will include tax, social security contributions and manpower all on the same return. For many employers the new return will reportedly eliminate significant duplication of information requests across the currently separate returns, bringing opportunities to cut down on administration. This proposition would set this up. 


Chief Minister's Proposal

Draft States of Jersey (Amendment No. 10) Law 202-. (P.77/2021) 


This draft law, if adopted, would require the Council of Ministers to discuss and agree a common population policy on a regular basis, to be at least once per year. 


Chief Minister's Proposal

Draft Income Tax (Amendment – Stage 1 of Independent Taxation) (Jersey) Law 202- (P.78/2021) 


This amendment proposes separating tax of married couples to tax each person individually.


Minister for Treasury and Resources' Proposal

Social Security (Amendment of Law - Minimum Earnings Threshold) (Jersey) Regulations 202- (P.79/2021) 


Following States approval, from 1 January 2022, employers will collect and pay contributions for employees that earn above a certain amount, rather than when they work more than eight hours a week. 


The minimum earnings threshold will be initially set so that it is equivalent to working eight hours a week at the minimum wage. For information, the threshold today would be £289 per month or £66 per week. 


This change is intended to make it easier for employers to collect social security contributions for part-time employees and report information to the Government for contributions, income tax and manpower requirements, through a new combined employer return. 


Minister for Social Security's Proposal

Draft Legislation (Commencement of Law) (Jersey) Act 202- (P.82/2021) 


The primary purpose of the Legislation is to enable Jersey's legislation website to match leading jurisdictions in displaying all our legislation as it is currently in force in a form that enables its citation in court as the official version. 


Privileges and Procedures Committee's Proposal

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