This week's written questions to Ministers

20th July 2021

The answers to this week's written questions asked of Ministers by the non-executive (States Members who do not hold Ministerial roles) have been published online.

This week's questions focused on: 

Use of therapeutic facility for struggling children Full question and answer.
Transparency of Health and Community Services Full question and answer.
Full complement of staff numbers required Full question and answer.
Working for HealthFull question and answer.
Impact of Covid-19Full question and answer.
Planning inspectors Full question and answer.
Voluntary redundancy in IHE Full question and answer.
Sale of the subsidiary JT company Full question and answer.
Tax returns Full question and answer.
Departmental mistakes Full question and answer.

In addition to written questions, Ministers will be asked oral questions at every States Meeting, which they receive in advance, giving them opportunity to prepare answers. Questions without Notice (QWON) are also asked of specific Ministers at each States Meeting (shown on the Order Paper). The answers to all oral questions can all be found by listening to the video recordings of meetings available on the States Assembly YouTube channel, or in the Hansards – written records of everything that members say during question time, statements and debates in the States Assembly. 

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