Redesign of Health and Social Services: Full Business Cases and Hospital Review

Scrutiny review - Health and Social Security Panel

Launch date: 03/12/2012

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

​The redesign of the health service including community and acute services

Terms of reference

1.   To consider the proposals of the Minister for Health and Social Services in relation to the future hospital project in particular –
a.   The creation of a 2-site hospital with some services based at a second location
b.   Separation of emergency and inpatient overnight-care from outpatient daycare
c.    Single bed wards
d.    The implications  for cost and quality of each of the above
e.    How implementation risks will be identified and managed
2.   To determine whether the basic assumptions and estimates of future requirements for the hospital are well founded in relation to predicted utilisation levels, demographic projections and the Minister’s preferred models of care
3.   To assess the current contributions of on-island and off-island provision and the extent to which the existing analyses and proposals explain and substantiate changes in the balance and nature of their respective roles
4.   To identify the key developments and progress since P.82/2012 – A New Way Forward for Health and Social Services – approved by the States in October 2012 and in particular to determine to what extent the Full Business Cases have fulfilled the original objectives as set out in P.82/2012
5.   To assess to what extent key stakeholders, in particular General Practitioners and the Voluntary and Community sector, have been included in the development of the Full Business Cases and the proposals for hospital service
6.   To establish what funding and other resources will be required to support the revenue as well as the capital cost of services to be provided inside and outside the hospital 




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