Integrated Care Records Programme

Scrutiny review - Public Accounts Committee

Launch date: 25/11/2013

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

​In 2005, the Health and Social Services Department (HSSD) commenced a programme of work to update and integrate their health and social care ICT systems.  The States originally allocated £12m for the programme. The Committee is considering whether the programme has been executed in accordance with best practice and whether the ICR system requirements have been delivered on time and within budget.  It will also consider the value for money achieved by the programme.

Terms of reference

​To evaluate the following aspects of the Integrated Care Records (ICR) programme with reference to report R.118/2013 of the Comptroller and Auditor General:

  1. the strategic context within which the ICR programme was devised and executed;
  2. the identification of risks associated with the ICR programme and how these were mitigated;
  3. the original business case for the ICR programme and how that business case was modified over time;
  4. how alternative options for delivery of ICR were evaluated;
  5. the project management structure established to deliver the ICR programme;
  6. whether a requirement for professional advice was identified and, if necessary, executed appropriately;
  7. the governance arrangements put in place for the ICR programme;
  8. the extent to which the ICR specification has been met by the various systems deployed as at 2013; and
  9. whether the ICR programme has achieved value for money


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