Compulsory Wearing of Cycle Helmets

Scrutiny review - Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Panel

Launch date: 30/05/2014

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

​The Panel will look at the proposed legislation, and review research and evidence on this subject from other jurisdictions where legislation is already in place to make the wearing of cycle helmets compulsory, to see what their experience has been in terms of road safety and numbers of people cycling. In view of timing constraints it will be conducted primarily as a desktop review, using expert advisers to comment on the likely outcomes and impact of the draft proposals, possible alternative options, and any technical matters.

Terms of reference

​1) To review relevant reports and research, with particular attention to results recorded in other jurisdictions where wearing cycle helmets has been made compulsory
2) To reach an independent, evidence-based conclusion on the likely outcomes of making cycle helmets compulsory in Jersey
3) To consider the requirements for enforcement of new cycle helmet legislation based on experience elsewhere, and how this might impact on available resources
4) To consider other potential questions arising from the proposed legislation, such as:
• perceptions about cycling safety
• health outcomes
• issues with compliance/respect for the law
• impacts on different societal groups
• potential for criminalisation of offenders, parents and/or responsible adults
• individual freedom of decision versus the ‘nanny-state’
5) The Panel will report its findings to the States.


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