MTFP Addition - Corporate Services

Scrutiny review - Corporate Services Panel

Launch date: 20/05/2016

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

​The Panel is undertaking an overarching review of the MTFP Addition which is due to be lodged on 30th June 2017.  The MTFP Addition will detail all departmental expenditure for the years 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Terms of reference

The overall appropriateness of savings to be delivered during the period 2017-2019 and any material risks to service delivery

To look at how spending will be funded

To assess progress and the deliverability of capital projects

To examine the conditions on which any growth expenditure for 2017 – 2019 is released

To consider what impact the MTFP will have with regards to

  1. Revenue expenditure changes
  2. Benefit changes
  3. Capital expenditure
  4. General revenue raising measures
  5. User pays

To consider the timescale for implementation of the impact assessments 

To consider the status of the accepted recommendations from the previous Scrutiny Report S.R. 6/2015 on the MTFP 2016 – 2019

To consider the economic context of the MTFP to include

  1. Examination of the assumptions made for the economic forecasts
  2. Consideration of the latest information on financial and operational performance e.g. tax yields, savings and delivery
  3. Contingencies; their use, and how they are allocated
  4. To examine how income is forecast and the levels of income against expenditure

To clarify how States expenditure has materially evolved  

To consider the macro position and implications, including whether the fundamental assumptions regarding the whole model have changed since originally lodged in the MTFP 2016 - 2019

To consider what allowance is made for the possible structural deficit in 2018 and beyond the period of the MTFP




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