Redesign of the Health and Social Services Governance model

Scrutiny review - Health and Social Security Panel

Launch date: 01/08/2017

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

The Health and Social Security Scrutiny Panel is undertaking a review into the proposed changes of the governance of the Health and Social Services Department and various partner agencies.

During its review, the Panel intends to identify the reasons for the change of policy and proposed changes and assess whether they are appropriate for the Department, organisations that will be involved and the Islands population. It also intends to review the consultation process undertaken by the Department in order to reach this change in policy.

The Panel has completed its review and published its report. In light of the evidence received, the Panel has brought an amendment to the proposition asking States Members to approve this model on the condition that it does not begin operating until April 2018. This will give the Minister the necessary time to address the Panel's concerns. The Panel's report and amendment can be found below.

Terms of reference

​1.    To examine the proposed governance model and assess the appropriateness of the changes in relation to third sector and voluntary organisations, Primary Care Organisations, members of the public and the States Assembly.

2.    To determine if the proposed changes will improve services in health and social care.

3.    To determine if the proposed changes will improve patient interaction with services providing health and social care.

4.    To determine if the proposed changes will enhance integrated partnership working in health and social care.

5.    To examine the consultation process that was undertaken in order to inform the proposed model.

6.    To examine the financial and manpower implications of the proposed changes. 

7.    To examine and compare the proposed governance model to those in similar jurisdictions to Jersey.




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