Care of Children in Jersey Review Panel

Scrutiny review - Care of Children in Jersey Review Panel

Launch date: 05/09/2017

Review status: Comments published

What is the review about?

​The Chairman's Committee has established a Review Panel to examine the policies, legislation and actions of the Council of Ministers as a result of the recommendations made in the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry (IJCI).

The report by the IJCI Panel into the abuse of children in the Island's care system over many years was presented on Monday, 3 July 2017. 

The Inquiry's 15 Terms of Reference dealt with matters between 1945 and the present day.  As relayed on the Inquiry website, evidence was heard from more than 450 people who had lived in the care system or were otherwise connected to it.  The Panel held 149 days of public hearings and also saw more than 200 witnesses. It considered more than 136,000 documents.  The experience of children within the care system was at the heart of the Inquiry's work.  

The final report identified individual and systemic failings and made 8 core recommendations for the future management and operation of Jersey's residential and foster homes to ensure the island provides a safe and secure environment for the children in its care. Furthermore it relayed (and backed) 659 recommendations put forward by individuals or stakeholder organisations in Jersey, which it grouped into 11 themed categories.

The Review Panel has been established to make sure that these recommendations are implemented correctly and that any proposals put forward to achieve them are adequately examined.

Membership of the Panel currently exists of, but is not limited to:

Deputy Rob Ward, Chairman

Deputy Kevin Pamplin, Vice-Chairman

Senator Kristina Moore

Deputy Mary Le Hegarat

Deputy Trevor Pointon

Deputy Mike Higgins

Terms of reference

​1.    To examine the policy of the Council of Ministers in relation to the eight core recommendations made by the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry Panel (IJCI).

2.    To consider the recommendations contributed to the IJCI by members of the public and stakeholder organisations in Jersey (659 individual recommendations grouped into 11 categories by the IJCI Panel) and examine the policy of the Council of Ministers to those matters.

3.    To scrutinise all legislation arising from the recommendations made by the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry. 




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