OneGov Review

Scrutiny review - OneGov Review Panel

Launch date: 08/03/2019

Review status: Review started

What is the review about?

What is the review about?

We are reviewing the States of Jersey Chief Executive's project to update and restructure the functions of government departments.  The OneGov project was introduced by the States of Jersey's Chief Executive as a way of restructuring the government. The stated purpose of OneGov is to update and consolidate administrative structure, with a focus on collaborative working, eliminating silos, and improving services, effectiveness, and value for money.

The key proposals in the OneGov project are:

  • A fundamental restructuring of all government departments
  • The establishment of 40 posts at the two most senior levels, a reduction of 26 from the current structure. These positions include the new roles of Director General for each department.
  • EDTSC, Infrastructure, Housing & Environment combined into Growth, Housing & Environment
  • Customer-facing parts of most departments have been consolidated into a new Customer & Local Services Department based at La Motte Street
  • Policy Functions have been moved to the Department for Strategic Policy, Performance & Population.
  • The Chief Minster's Department to be split into the Office of the Chief Executive, Chief Operating Office and some elements transferred to SPPP.

 How to get involved:

If you wish to send us commenets on the OneGov project, you can email or use our contact form.

Terms of reference

I. To conduct detailed scrutiny of the OneGov project. This will include consideration of: 

1. The decisions, decision makers, case for change and rationale of the OneGov project.  

2. The context of the changes and the extent to which they are facilitated by P.1/2018 (Draft Machinery of Government (Miscellaneous Amendments) (Jersey) Law)  

3. To establish how the existing structure of government departments maps to the new OneGov structure and what the end product will look like. 

4, The political and operational accountabilities of the OneGov structure.  

5, The political oversight and governance of the OneGov project. 

6, Whether the proposed OneGov structure and the underlying departmental Target Operating Models are based on best practice and are able to deliver better and more effective and efficient services to the public. 

7. How the structure will support Ministers and the development and implementation of policy.

8. The impact of the project on the powers of the States Assembly and any changes in the balance of power between the Assembly and the Executive. 

9. Possible impacts (both positive and negative) of the new structure on members of the public and other stakeholders (including children and young people).

10. The cost of the project and its projected savings. 

II. To consider the wider impact of the project on the way Jersey's government operates.  



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