Draft Unlawful Public Entertainments (Jersey) Regulations 202-.

Scrutiny review - Economic and International Affairs Panel

Launch date: 17/06/2024

Review status: Call for evidence

What is the review about?

The Draft Unlawful Public Entertainments (Jersey) Regulations 202-. [P.24/2024] (the draft Regulations) were lodged by the Minister for Sustainable Economic Development (the Minister) on 26th April 2024, with the principles of the legislation adopted on 11th June 2024.

The draft Regulations have been referred to the Economic and International Affairs Scrutiny Panel (the Panel) under Standing Order 72, with the States Assembly agreeing that the debate of the regulations in second reading should continue at the sitting of 16th July 2024.

The Panel has launched a review of the draft Regulations including their expiration of 20th July 2027.

Review progress

​The Panel has launched its review and will be inviting submissions from targeted stakeholders, the general public and those operating events and public entertainments.

Terms of reference

  1. To consider the Articles of the Draft Unlawful Public Entertainments (Jersey) Regulations 202-, with particular exploration of the impacts Article 6 which establishes the expiration of the Regulations as 20th July 2027;
  2. To engage with the Government of Jersey, Businesses, the Jersey Public  and other stakeholders to ascertain their views on efficacy of the Regulations and the extension of the Unlawful Public Entertainments (Jersey) Regulations 2022 to July 2027; and,
  3. Any additional areas that the Panel deem to be relevant to the Review.


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