Elected members

-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 5-St. Helier No. 3 Steve Ahier Steve Ahier
Steve Ahier
St. Helier No. 3
01534 862522
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 5-St. Helier No. 2 Carina Alves Carina Alves
Carina Alves
St. Helier No. 2
07700 750058
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 3-St. Clement Lindsay Ash Lindsay Ash
-2-Connétable -2-Connetable 13-St. Ouen Richard Buchanan Richard Buchanan
-2-Connétable -2-Connetable 5-St. Helier Simon Crowcroft Simon Crowcroft
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 7-St. Saviour No. 2 Louise Doublet Louise Doublet
Louise Doublet
St. Saviour No. 2
07797 766784
-1-Senator -1-Senator 14-Island-wide Lyndon Farnham Lyndon Farnham
-1-Senator -1-Senator 14-Island-wide Sarah Ferguson Sarah Ferguson
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 5-St. Helier No. 3 Inna Gardiner Inna Gardiner
-1-Senator -1-Senator 14-Island-wide Ian Gorst Ian Gorst
Ian Gorst
01534 440629
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 12-St. Lawrence Gregory Guida Gregory Guida
Gregory Guida
St. Lawrence
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 5-St. Helier No. 3 Mike Higgins Mike Higgins
Mike Higgins
St. Helier No. 3
01534 873956
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 11-St. Peter Rowland Huelin Rowland Huelin
-2-Connétable -2-Connetable 8-St. Brelade Mike Jackson Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson
St. Brelade
01534 741141
-2-Connétable -2-Connetable 10-St. John Andy Jehan Andy Jehan
Andy Jehan
St. John
07797 758086
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 4-St. Mary David Johnson David Johnson
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 2-Grouville Carolyn Labey Carolyn Labey
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 5-St. Helier No. 1 Russell Labey Russell Labey
Russell Labey
St. Helier No. 1
01534 481083
-2-Connétable -2-Connetable 4-St. Mary John Le Bailly John Le Bailly
-1-Senator -1-Senator 14-Island-wide John Le Fondré John Le Fondre
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 5-St. Helier No. 3 Mary Le Hegarat Mary Le Hegarat
-2-Connétable -2-Connetable 2-Grouville John Le Maistre John Le Maistre
-2-Connétable -2-Connetable 6-Trinity Philip Le Sueur Philip Le Sueur
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 7-St. Saviour No. 2 Kevin Lewis Kevin Lewis
Kevin Lewis
St. Saviour No. 2
01534 448394
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 9-St. Martin Steve Luce Steve Luce
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 7-St. Saviour No. 1 Jeremy Maçon Jeremy Macon
Jeremy Maçon
St. Saviour No. 1
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 5-St. Helier No. 1 Judy Martin Judy Martin
Judy Martin
St. Helier No. 1
01534 780641
-2-Connétable -2-Connetable 12-St. Lawrence Deidre Mezbourian Deidre Mezbourian
-1-Senator -1-Senator 14-Island-wide Sam Mézec Sam Mezec
Sam Mézec
07797 811130
-1-Senator -1-Senator 14-Island-wide Kristina Moore Kristina Moore
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 12-St. Lawrence Kirsten Morel Kirsten Morel
-1-Senator -1-Senator 14-Island-wide Steve Pallett Steve Pallett
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 7-St. Saviour No. 1 Kevin Pamplin Kevin Pamplin
Kevin Pamplin
St. Saviour No. 1
01534 727217
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 7-St. Saviour No. 3 Jess Perchard Jess Perchard
Jess Perchard
St. Saviour No. 3
01534 441000
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 3-St. Clement Susie Pinel Susie Pinel
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 10-St. John Trevor Pointon Trevor Pointon
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 6-Trinity Hugh Raymond Hugh Raymond
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 13-St. Ouen Richard Renouf Richard Renouf
-2-Connétable -2-Connetable 9-St. Martin Karen Shenton-Stone Karen Shenton-Stone
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 5-St. Helier No. 2 Geoff Southern Geoff Southern
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 8-St. Brelade No. 2 Montfort Tadier Montfort Tadier
Montfort Tadier
St. Brelade No. 2
07797 844358
-2-Connétable -2-Connetable 1-St. Clement Marcus Troy Marcus Troy
Marcus Troy
St. Clement
01534 858780
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 8-St. Brelade No. 2 Graham Truscott Graham Truscott
-1-Senator -1-Senator 14-Island-wide Tracey Vallois Tracey Vallois
-2-Connétable -2-Connetable 11-St. Peter Richard Vibert Richard Vibert
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 5-St. Helier No. 2 Robert Ward Robert Ward
Robert Ward
St. Helier No. 2
07829 713138
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 5-St. Helier No. 1 Scott Wickenden Scott Wickenden
-3-Deputy -3-Deputy 8-St. Brelade No. 1 John Young John Young
John Young
St. Brelade No. 1
01534 440540

Non-elected office holders

-11-Lieutenant-Governor 0- Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton
-25-Deputy Viscount 0- Mark Harris Mark Harris
-8-Greffier of the States 0- Lisa Hart Lisa Hart
Lisa Hart
Greffier of the States
01534 441021
-24-HM Solicitor General 0- Matthew Jowitt Matthew Jowitt
-4-The Dean of Jersey 0- The Very Reverend Michael Keirle The Very Reverend Michael Keirle
-5-Bailiff 0- Timothy Le Cocq Timothy Le Cocq
-23-Deputy Bailiff 0- Robert MacRae Robert MacRae
-9-HM Attorney General 0- Mark Temple QC Mark Temple QC

If you wish to contact all 49 elected States Members, you can send them a message using our Email all elected States Members form.

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