States Assembly rules

States of Jersey Law

The way in which the States Assembly operates is set out in various legislation. The States of Jersey Law 2005 includes:

  • a preamble that sets out Jersey's ability to govern itself in all internal affairs
  • the membership of the States and the way in which members are elected
  • the make up of the Council of Ministers and the roles of Ministers
  • the powers and privileges of the States
  • the various committees and panels that must be set up by the States
  • the oath of office for members

Download the States of Jersey Law 2005

Standing Orders

The Standing Orders of the States are a comprehensive set of rules that govern the way in which the States Assembly conducts its business. The Standing Orders include details of

  • the way in which States meetings are arranged and conducted
  • the rules concerning questions, statements, propositions and reports
  • the rules of conduct for members
  • the terms of reference of the committees and panels of the Assembly, the way in which they are appointed and they way in which they must carry out their business

Download the Standing Orders of the States of Jersey

Public Finances

The Public Finances (Jersey) Law 2019 governs the way in which the public finances of Jersey are managed. It sets out

  • the various funds that States funds are invested in
  • the budget cycle that the States must follow

Download the Public Finances (Jersey) Law 2019

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